Monday, November 24, 2008


Noooo, I'm not jumping off icebergs with the penguin's!! I've been sorting all though our information package for our trip to Antarctic, looking at excursion's and trying to find out each place we will visit and what is interesting to see.

Tom comes from his computer room and see's me constantly deep in thought and jotting down notes in my trip book and on the computer, researching this and that. I think I've already travelled the trip, I know so much about it. I sure wish I knew how to speak Spanish and Portuguese though, as it might make our trip much easier. Also the peso currency sort of scares me!

I guess, you could say, I'm starting to get excited???? I think it's more that I like to be organized and know what's what and where's where!

This afternoon, we went for Tom's very first Burger King, "Big Whopper" hamburger!! I can never finish one, they are so huge, but so delicious. He's not a hamburger type person, but if he's introducing me to all this West Coast international cuisine, then he has to try some of my favourites from Ontario.

Then we went for one of his mystery tours, where I never know where we are heading, but it's always a fun surprise. He was disappointed that this trip wasn't what he thought it would be. It's a new development being build with beautiful Chinese horoscope sculptures, and he thought there would be a shopping area in the complex but it's still very much under construction. So, seeing as we we're in the area of where Tom was born and grew up, went to school and worked both as a teenager as an usher in a movie theater to where he joined up to be a fireman, we went to have a look. He didn't recognize anything at all in the area. It's all changed. The only thing still left was the school and it had been added to over the years.

I think I'm going to take him on a mystery tour very soon, to go to Tinseltown, and see a couple of good movies, like AUSTRALIA, which is out today and THE CHANGELING, which I hear is very good. I love movies!! We almost stopped at a video store on our way home, and I had a vision of a bowl of hot popcorn and snuggling in for the evening watching a good movie, but....somebody had to pee, and need to go home quickly, so we missed the stop!!

That's my blog for tonight, so keep warm!

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