Tuesday, November 11, 2008



Today, I had an email from my sister back
in Ontario, and even though, I do have sympathy for her dilemma, I couldn't help laughing all the way through her letter.
She is so good at writing and does it with such humour that I just had to share this with you.
TJ, was our little Maltese that we gave her, because living on the 7th floor was not the best living situation for the dog or for us. She also has three cats!! She loves animals, or at least she did!!! Have a read of her letter!! I've blocked out phone number for safety reasons. The title of her email was:

A Glitch In The Universe!

I've been experiencing one of those days. TJ's been keeping me active...and busy...and the cats are keeping up to her.

Took her out for her pee and poo before I went to the gym...had a million things to do this morning and didn't get there till 1pm. She went out by herself twice this morning...so I figured she had done her poo...she was waiting at the door to go out and hightailed it off to the grass....but I guess she didn't go. But she did pee for me before I left.

I forgot my lock at home when I went to the gym...had to lock everything in the car and run out in the cold after my workout with only my wet gym clothes on.

I stopped to get groceries on my way back. Came in the door and lo and behold...there were trails of poo all over the carpet on the landing. 'UhOh' was my reaction. She met me at the door of course...barking and twirling and happy to see me. THEN...I looked at her hind end.

Poo...no...SHIT all over her!!! I dropped the bags of groceries and picked her up, holding her away from me...and brought her to the sink to fix the problem.The smell was sickening! I had to pull it out of her tail and away from her bum before I could even consider washing it off!!
Even had to cut some out....(gagging the whole time). Anyway...got that done...after several washes and rinses....telling her that it was ok...that it sometimes happens to the best of us...wasn't her fault.

Ahh...almost forgot to tell you about the bleach stain I now have on my blue top...had to Javex the sink...(against ecoli bacteria!!!) and some splashed up on me while I was cleaning the whole area. No matter...it's an exercise top...not one of my good ones.

Then...to tackle the carpets. Every carpet on this floor had a trail of poo where she had tried to get it off. I was using the dregs of several bottles of carpet cleaner...which was trying my patience by
that point...was getting more air than spray....Desi was meowing at the top of his lungs to get outside....and I had to answer a freaking cell phone call from one of those automated messages to tell me I had just won a free trip to the Bahamas...yeah right.

Was just finishing up the carpet by the front door and going into the kitchen when I realised...TJ was in the hallway gulping down mouthfuls of shredded ham. She had broken into the grocery bags that I had dropped when I saw the mess and had ripped open the bag of ham...Black Forest...$12.90/kg. MONSTER DOG....little sneak. My good will had evaporated and I was no longer feeling quite so understanding. I let a yell out of me that scared her to the couch. Don't worry...she only shivered for a moment or two. She was back at my heels looking for more when I was re-wrapping and putting everything away...and fighting off Purple who was trying to climb into the fridge. He recognized the whiffs of Black Forest and figured he should have some too. There's are several very good reasons I have pets...aren't there?

I was afraid to go upstairs to check out the condition of the carpets there...but there was only the initial poo at the top of the stairs...easy to clean up.

She didn't have a good weekend at Mark's while I was away on my USA shopping trip with Linda. Mark says she's terrified of him...would only come out of her cage when Caroline was there and shivered uncontrollably whenever he talked to her or picked her up. She peed on his carpet several times and wouldn't eat anything but cheese (huh...maybe that was her poo problem?) I think I've lost a future dog-sitter.

Got a call from a woman today who wanted to order a tealight holder from me that she saw at the Craft show. She had been trying to get hold of me for a long time. She went on the Kijiji site that I told her about (where I have my candles advertised) and realised that the phone number I have on my business cards has two numbers transposed. x0x 0x0x...instead of 0x0 0x0x!!!! I wonder how many other people have tried to re-order out of ALL the cards I've put into the things they've bought??? Good lord.

Anyway...I'm now having a coffee laced with Kahlua (that I got for $10.00 a bottle in the States...cool eh?) I'm now headed for the tub. Going to make candles tonight and EVERYTHING is going to go well. Today was just a 'glitch in the Universe' as one of my students, Harlan, once gave me as the reason his Math math book was lost underneath his bed for a week. My glitch is over and is back on track from this point on!

How was your day? No glitches I hope.
Love you both (and...I still love the monster dog too).
Sam xoxooxo


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