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Who would have thought that I would have kept at it, writing and sharing thoughts and stories and just plain old nonsense with those interested enough and kind enough to come along with me to the 1000+ mark! It was mid January 08, when for the fun of it and to entertain myself, I began to write the blog. Thanks to those faithful readers who kept coming back and to those wonderful people who left comments on the guestbook. Very appreciated!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

So, because of you, I'll keep hopefully entertaining you with my ramblings and other things!

Yesterday morning, we drove to Dianne and Bill's home in Surrey and with them we headed south to the USA to shop in Bellingham, about 70 miles from here. Now, when we go anyplace with Bill and Dianne, we always have a great time, have many giggles and enjoy each other's company.

We had a big laugh at Bill as we approached the border and moved up even with the border guard. Bill had all our passports in his hand and the guards only question what, "What we're we doing?", Bill got all motor mouth and started to explain to the guard who we all were. "That's my wife Dianne in the backseat and this is Tom, my brother in law and that's my sister in law....well, kind of sister in law, she's married to my brother in law. His wife used to be my sister, but now he's married to Linda" The border guard looked at him stunned and said, "I don't want to know all THAT!!" Handed back our passports and told us to have a good day. We pulled away from the border laughing uproariously!! Tom got thinking about it again today and burst our laughing and giggling about it.

It went something like that....didn't it Dianne?

First stop was a grocery store to check out their prices on turkeys. Didn't buy anything there! Then we went shopping at a mall, and I bought myself a new coat, a 3/4 length, more dressy coat, then my old jacket. Onward to lunch, at a place called Billy McHale's, where we had a big deep friend onion blossom for starters(shared by the four of us)...mmmmm good and straight to the arteries!!!

Then we ate our lunch and headed to WalMart, where we browsed, and bought a few little bargains, then off again to Safeway, where Dianne bought a huge, huge turkey for $5.00. FIVE DOLLARS!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT!! I think they we're about & 26 cents a pound, and then you get more off with a Safeway card.

I said to Tom today, we should have brought back a couple of turkeys for his kids Christmas dinner, but it just never occurred to us at the time....sorry guys, if you read this!!!! We goofed!

We will be eating our Christmas and New Years dinner in South America someplace!

Then we headed back home, all tired and happy, having enjoyed another great day with fantastic company! Going back into Canada at the border was much uneventful then heading to the USA.

Today, I was awake and up by 5am. Our new chairs where to arrive today!!! I was in a cleaning mood and going through drawers and closets and throwing out junk we never use. We have a haul to take to the Thrift Shop tomorrow.

We got our chairs all fixed into where we wanted them, then we had to make a trip to the Library, before we had to mortgage the condo to pay our fine on one book! Naughty us!!

Onward ho, to the grocery store to pick up a few things. One of those being a mid-size box of Cheerios's. When the clerk was ringing it in, I thought she had made a mistake when the box cost $8.26!!!! I asked if she'd made a mistake, but nope...that was the price!! I know groceries have gone up, but I wasn't paying that for a box of "fill". We'll have porridge for our cereal from now on. Cheaper and better for us!!! However.....I did get a really good price on 75% off on Halloween left-over, little chocolate bars!! Now, that's really healthy eh?? I think it was $4.50 for a box of 70 of the sweet little things!!!

So, here we sit in our comfy, loving-looking recliner chairs. They are bigger then our other chairs but seem to take up less room as we can move them back further against the wall, and get rid of the foot stools. We like them!!

So, it's Survivor night, and we'll sit in comfy coziness as we watch it.

See ya later!!

Thanks again

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