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Oh boy this getting older and weaker is really more then a pain in the butt!! I bet I have all your attention now, and when I tell you what my problem is and my self diagnosis, you will be ready to kick me in the behind for being such a baby! But I want my MOMMY!!!!

When I bring home groceries or whatever in those heavy plastic bags (more reason to now use cloth bags), instead of getting the folding grocery cart to carry them to the 7Th floor, old mighty mouse that I am, has to carry every one of those bags hanging from my hands, mostly the weight on my finger joints, while I go through two doors from the parking garage to the building, stand there and wait for the elevator (which is always on the top floor, so I have to wait), meanwhile still struggling painfully with the bags, thinking..."just a little longer and I'm there!". Then if I'm lucky and not have to wait for people to get on and stop at different floors, I'm now at the door to our place, still hanging on for all my might and saying..."I'm almost there!", manage to open the door, and rush to the kitchen for the last big heave up and onto the counter!!

Whew!!!Let me tell you folks....don't do that!!!

My injury, and why I should be in the hospital mind you, this is self-diagnosis, but I think I have finger tendinitis!! Mind you it could be arthitis, but I don't think so!! Carrying all that weight on those little tendons is quite a strain on them and this chickie isn't getting any younger and can't take much strain on the old body anywhere, anymore!

I think a splint may help to keep it from moving so much. It's mostly the ring finger on my right hand that hurts, and every now and then get excruciating pain up the finger joint. I remember that is the finger that I noticed hurting the most after carrying all that weight. So, I've been taking Advil and feeling sorry for myself.

But isn't it true that when something on your body hurts, the WHOLE body hurts! Which brings me back to "WOE IS ME!!

While looking for a picture for tendonitis, I found this interesting little thing about finger pain and thought I'd throw it in, for lack of anything else to write about.

Here is a standard diagram of a computer keyboard, color-coded by which finger is recommended for which key in standard touch typing.

The purpose of this page( this is copied )is to document my experience with repetitive strain injury (RSI) in a tendon of my right pinky finger. My case was due primarily to keyboard typing, although it may have been exacerbated by bicycling and yard work. I would suppose that many people have had this problem without a complete diagnosis or an optimal treatment plan. Both the cause and the proper treatment of pinky RSI differ in important ways from "standard" keyboard RSI.

(There is actually more than one common touch-typing scheme and I don't mean to imply that this is the main standard. They all suffer from the problem that I will describe.) The diagram shows an obvious problem with the standard: The right pinky is used for 16 keys, and the left pinky for 10 keys, while every other finger is used for at most 8 keys. This may not matter much for typing text in English. However, a lot of computer typing these days is nothing like English.

Well, I thought it was kinda interesting!!! It's also a reason for a short blog and why I missed yesterdays!!

See you tomorrow, if the Good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise!!! Anyone remember who closed their TV show with that saying??

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