Tuesday, December 2, 2008


When I wake in the morning, I greeted by my new friends, the little chickadee's on the bedroom deck, and when I finally get my eyes opened and focused, there they are hopping and fighting for the handful of seed I throw out in the evening. We leave our patio door open quite wide and close the bedroom door, to keep the rest of the condo warm. It's almost like sleeping outdoors, but we love it that way. I almost had a little visitor this morning, when one little bird got curious and hopped right into the room, did a look around, likely spotted bleary eyes, hair standing straight up, ME, and hopped back out again, likely scared out of his little bird wits!! I keep thinking how my cat would have loved watching them. I doubt very much, if he'd of taken any action against them, as poor old Batman, didn't have much chase in him this past few months, but he'd love to watch.

I miss my cat who we had to put down last month. After 17 years, he was very much a part of the family. But, no more pets, I'll just stick to the chickadee's.
When I lived "in my other life", in Belleville, the chickadees, would come and land on my open hand, eating the seeds for them. I felt like something out of Walt Disney! Just lacked a cute tune!

We we're up early this morning and Tom had his second epidurial in his spine for the pain going down his left leg. He said, he could really feel it down to his toes this morning, unlike the last one, so hopefully, this time it will work much better then the last attempt.

Sleep was sparse last night and I'm tired at the moment, and you wouldn't believe what I have on TV. The burning logs they have at Christmas. Why? Beats me!! But, I think I'm going to treat both of us to a nice Irish coffee and then head to the tub and early to bed.

I'll download pictures from my camera and show them to you tomorrow. I was going to do that tonight, but left the camera in the car and don't feel like going down to get it. I don't even remember what's on there, but I'll share them tomorrow. Until then...ta ta!

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  1. Hi there. Is the photo of the ckickadees from artist John W. Taylor? I have a signed print with the exact same image, but I can't find it on the web.


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