Thursday, December 4, 2008

Last night, I thought I'd clean up the old files on my computer. Well, I did an excellent job and deleted ALL my saved images....all those cute pictures I put on here!!! DRATS!!!! Oh well, look at all the room on my computer now...always look on the bright side of life! (Sounds like I song I heard recently!)

Today, we went to Wal Mart, so I could print some picture that Erin wanted of her grandparents, and also to print some from my trip to Ontario this summer. It's handy to have photo's on disc's, but I like them in albums to look at as well. Those photo machine at Wal Mart are confusing to use, and I kept doing it wrong. I don't work well, when under stress. Stress was from Tom waiting for me. Doing something like that, needs focus and not having to hurry, not that Tom rushes me, he's always very patient, sitting out in the mall, reading his book and people watching.

Tom had his 2ND epidural in his spine yesterday and we are keeping our fingers crossed it will work as it should. It takes up to 10 days to feel if it's going to work or not. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Then we went for lunch at Brentwood Mall, and I went wandering the mall while Tom waited and read. I came back empty handed!! There is just nothing I need or feel I can afford right now with Christmas and the trip.

I don't have the suitcases out yet, but will start on packing tomorrow. I hate packing!! I try on outfits, disregard, try on something different, trying to mix and match and not to take so much. Somehow, I always still end up with what seems like the kitchen sink included! Going into to very different climates is hard to pack for.

Tomorrow, we are meeting Bill and Dianne for lunch. I love our monthly lunch's out and always come away in such a good mood, having had such fun with them.

I don't think there is a 3 second silence when Dianne and I get together. It's Blah, Blah, Blah....constantly, thrown in with a few good laughs.

Here's a few pictures I downloaded from my camera today!

What a sunset eh?

This one looks towards the mountains as mist is rolling in. The light on the top is the ski lift chalet.

night wit Clear night with a full moon.

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