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Day 5-Friday, Dec. 19th 8:10 A


8:10 AM Low cloud. Very slowly, with glass smooth water, we are sailing by the Amalia Glacier. A beautiful sight and everyone is so silent and in awe. All you can hear in the hum of the speaker as the very knowledgeable guide tells us about the glacier. I'm not sure I can remember it all, and I may be wrong of some of these things, as we did see lots of glaciers and ice, but I'll try to get it right for you.

The glaciers melt and slowly make their way to the sea ( tidal water,) called gradient glaciers. Only tide water glaciers are closest to the equator. Ice in the water if melted is fresh water. Growlers is the ice just above the water line. Earthquakes also make the glaciers move, and earthquakes are frequent here.

Large cravasses appear as it melts away. A woman sitting beside me, tells me that six years ago this glacier was much, much bigger. The rock you see, was once all covered with glacier and makes hard material called "maurain" what it sounded like our guide said, but not sure if its spelled correctly.
All these ice caps, where once joined together.

Pieces of ice in the water as we get closer. Small pieces of floating ice can sometimes be a big surprise as the chunks are very large and very dense, and can cause damage, however the ship can tell the thickness and easily manouvers around the big ones.

We leave the glaciers behind and everyone moves inside for breakfast or to relax. There is a trivia game, more exploration talks, fitness class (nix that one), line dancing classes, christmas crafts and just about everything else you can think of! We had great entertainment last night. Peter Fernandez, a singer extraordinaire, with a Latin Flair. Very Good!
I've decided to take a few pictures around the ship to show you, and then go to the computer class.

Work never stops around the ship for the crew. Here they are cleaning and scrubbing the outside swimming pool.

Another pretty Christmas tree.

Beautiful flowers on the table in the Queen's Dining Room, where Aline, a friend I met, and I have afternoon tea.

Hungry anyone???

Well, that's my blog for today, tomorrow Straits of Magellan!


  1. Hi Linda, I'm Connie in Laguna Niguel, CA. We are booked on the Veendam from Rio to Santiago this Dec. I'm starting to do research and wondered what Amelia Glacier Canal Sarmiento was. I googled it and found this page. What a super blog you have! You can be sure I'll be returning often to read and see what these places are like. Thank you! This is fun!

  2. Hi Linda, I'm Gloria from Jackson, MS. and I am getting ready for this similar cruise on Veendam from Buenos Aires next month. Loved your pictures. and Thank you so much for this blog!

  3. Thank you for your blog! I am getting ready for a similar cruise from Buenos Aires. I just posted a comment but I am not sure if it posted.
    Thank you,

  4. Hi, Linda,

    We are booked on the Veendam this December from Santiago to Buenos Aires. Thank you for this blog. A Good Job!

  5. Doing the cruise Dec 20th 2010 thanks for the excellent report

    Peter in Canada


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