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Saturday Dec. 20 -Day 6 of South America and Antactic Cruise

Dec. 20th Day 6 Temp: 50 F.

WELCOME TO PUNTA ARENAS, CHILEArrived here early this morning. I wasn't feeling well the night before, so skipped dinner and the entertainment and just stayed in bed. Tom went on to dinner and the show alone and said it was great! Tom too, is not feeling well. He woke with an excruciating pain in his groin, and it hurt so bad, he threw up. After awhile, he felt somewhat better, so we went for breakfast, and then he decided just to sit in the Library and I was to go into town. He was okay as long as he was sitting. The distance to town is 4 km. away, so I'll have to take a taxi. At the gangway, I meet Ed and Pauline and ask if I can share and contribute to a taxi. We get off the gangway an are jumped on by many taxi drivers and a woman who speaks English and negotiates a price for us. $10.00 each for a one hour tour. So off we go, only it's still early and we find out later that nothing is open until 10 am. Our driver doesn't speak English and we try to hand gesture where we want to go. Impossible!!

(accidently deleted his picture from file..!)

Well, we know where our ship is...way out in the water!

Above is a little vendor's market. Nobody spoke English, we couldn't seek Spanish, except "Ola" and they only accepted peso's or America dollars, and it seemed very expensive when what you got in exchange for dollars....American at that! That's Ken and Pauline, very nice people that I was sharing a taxi with. Didn't buy anything! Then he drove us to a nice little park with vendors, right down town.

Pauline and Ed on the right

Statue of Magellan. On each corner is a brass statue of the different Indian tribes. See the big toe on the one Indian on the right hand side. If you rub his toe, then you will come back again. the toe is very shiny from being rubbed! I rubbed it, but not sure if I care to return!

Took a few more pictures of statues, a nice looking building and headed back. Our shore advisor recommended that we see the cemetery, and the picture of the wall is the cemetery, but our time with the taxi driver had 15 minutes left, so we went to find him and he was out polishing his car, a very, very old wreck of a thing, but he was taking care of his investment! Anyway, I went in and found a picture of what the cemetery looked like, so I'm enclosing that in here too.

Looks interesting, and would loved to have looked around at all the statues.

Back to the ship and checked on Tom and he was still not feeling well and didn't want to move about too much. I was trying to get him to get into a wheel chair so he could at least get around and see things after coming all this way, but he's a stubborn mule!!

I then went to see the movie Momma Mia, but left halfway through it, and since I seen the play, I didn't want to see it again, and remembered that the crew of the Amsterdam was hosting a lunch and party for the local orphanage, so I went down to have a look! It was so fantastic! Such lovely little children, and they where having so much fun picking out what they wanted to eat. Then they all marched into the Queens Lounge where big buckets of candy was waiting for each child. Their eyes all lit us when they saw that. Then the Mother Nun came in, and sang "Oh Holy Night" with the children. She was a BEAUTIFUL singer, and with the kids in the background, it brought tears to my eyes. Then in came Santa, and each child took turns on Santa's knee and they each got a big bag just so full of presents, they could hardly lift it. At the end, when everyone thought it was over, out came the crew with about 1/2 really nice 10 speeds, right down to bicycles, then out came two huge big televisions and a big rack of video's for the kids. Balls, dolls, you name it, the kids where so excited. It was just wonderful and the crew did this with all their own donations. Here are some pictures for you.

Not clear pictures. I had the dial on the wrong setting as I often do!!!
Santa himself arrives!!
Ton's of bikes, toys and TV's! Big hand to Holland America!!!
Tom was feeling okay enough to walk slowly up to the Lido for dinner. We decided it best to skip the entertainment tonight, which was AN EVENING TO REMEMBER - A POOL PARTY UNDER THE STARS and after the INDONESIAN CREW SHOW!

Snoring could likely be heard from our room by that time!!

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