Saturday, January 24, 2009


After I returned from my tour of Buenos Aires, which I was really am very happy that I did go on my own, as I saw so many wonderful sights. But ohhhh, my sore feet!

When I came back, Tom and I had some lunch and then went and sat outside on a deck chair and had a little snooze. It was lovely and warm

Our entertainment that night was at 6:30 and what fabulous entertainment it was!

We got to see a real Argentina Gaucho show! Beautiful music and dancing. I just loved it!!

Music was fantastic

This was all one family of 17 brothers and family!

And so very good looking. The did every kind of Argentina dance from folk to the Tango

Below, the mother and father did this very romantic and pretty dance! Very Romantic!!!!!!! I can see where the 17 children came from!!

This is the very handsome father! What a smile!

Brother and sister doing the tango

The whole family! What a wonderful show it was!

After the show, we hadn't looked further on our program and we where surprised to find a fabulous sail away BBQ by the pool. Music playing and very festive. We ate our choice or all of chicken, steaks, sausage, pork chops, ribs, corn on the cob, baked potato's, salads and just about everything and anything you could possibly desire.

I've got my camera on the wrong setting again and now everything is all blue!

I've gone up to the next floor to look down through the open roof which slides open.

Thank goodness our big meal has been cleaned off our table!!

We went up on the top of the ship for a walk after dinner. It was very hot up there, but take a look at this cruise ship!! It's a block or two long!!

Night has fallen, the ship parties on, and we head to bed, very tired!

Tomorrow...Montevideo, URUGUAY

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