Friday, January 23, 2009



After I left this spot, I realized, I'd made the wrong turn somewhere, so I started on down the street, looking for a person I could ask to Florida (pronounced Floweedo), but nobody spoke English! So, I wandered on with by now, very burning and sore feet.
I came across the entrance to a Cathedral, where many people where going in, so I did too! So very glad I did too!! It had to be the most beautiful Cathedral, I have ever seen and HUGE!!

Beautiful statues, awesome, incredibly wonderful paintings of the Stations of the Cross

I knelt on my sore knees to say a few prayers for everyone. Took the pressure of my sore feet too!

Argentina's Hero Below is the tomb of General Jose de San Martin (1880), Argentina's greatest hero who liberated the country from the Spanish, guarded by soldiers in fancy uniforms. The tomb of the unknown soldier of Argentinas independent is also here.

Little blurry, but you can see the soldiers guarding the tomb.
Beautiful lavish ceilings and marble interior

Caught this beam of light, which looked lovely! I felt very religious in here with the hush of the crowd of people whispering prayers.

What a beautiful place and I'm so lucky to have happened upon it! When I left the Cathedral, I must have left from another entrance, so now, I'm really lost!!! I wandered along trying to find Florida street, and no luck, so finally asked a young family if they could give me directions. Of course they spoke only Spanish, and I'm gestering wildly and saying Florida Street, intead of Calla Floreeta. So, the fellow, put up 3 fingers and then a turn right. So, I said Mucho Gracias and went on my way. Before long he was tapping me on the shoulder which scared the living daylights out of me, only to tell me the next street was Calla Floreeta! What a nice man!

So, by this time, I'm on the right street and oh my poor feet where sore, and I had to sit for a minute, so there was a McDonald's Restaurant and I went in for a coke, pretending I'm sipping through a straw to let them know what I wanted but they understood COKE! Now, to pay for it!! I had only American dollars and boy did they examine them with a fine tooth comb!! It cost me two American dollars for a small coke! I didn't care, just give it to me and let me sit a minute.
So, after a little rest, I head out, and walk, walk, walk, wanting to see I. Stern's store and the shuttle to return me to the ship. I really look the tourist now, snapping pictures and sucking on a coke! Then...lo and behold....was the same statue, I'd passed before I went to McDonalds. So, I'd come out of the restaurant and turned back the same way I'd come! Frig!!

By the time I'd retraced my steps, I was limping to where the shuttle was, but was the first on and oh golly, did it feel good to sit!! So, back to the terminal, got off that shuttle and onto the port shuttle and back to the ship, through security and up to the Exploration Lounge where Tom was sitting wondering if I was okay and I flopped down to tell him where I'd been and what I'd seen.

These little mini cars where sitting on the dock. I wish I'd taken a picture of the inside of them.

We went down for lunch and then took our books outside to sit on the deck chairs for the rest of the wonderful warm afternoon. My shoes where OFF!!



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