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Part Two - Falkland Island
I loved this place, but if you played the video on yesterday's blog, you will be able to hear the wind blowing and I could hardly stand still enough to take a picture. The King penguin is the largest one here (just a little right of center of picture and the kind of penguin that was in the documentary " March of the Penguins." He must have gotten separated from the rest of his breed, but they are all sociable little creatures. If you have a zoom, maybe you can zoom in on the king. It's a shame you can't see the photos in their large form, so much more detail can be seen.This is where I was standing and just zooming in. Many times over the trip, I wished I'd brought my 35 mm Canon camera with the big zoom on it, and wide angle len's also.

Something about the Falklands and it's wildness and the rock formations and the sea, seem to really warm my soul and I wish I would have had more time to explore and talk to the people who live here more. Here's a few more shots I took while standing pretty well in one spot! Beautiful!!!

Look at the wind blowing the tussock.

A look out (people near top left
Totem Pole, erected by the British soldiers just after the 1982 conflict to show the direction and distance to their home towns in the UK. Over the years, many keen travellers have added their own signs and the pile now points to new destinations the world over.

Christ Church Cathedral

The most southerly Anglican cathedral in the world! This historic building features a cathedral tower with a ring of five bells, 19Th and 20Th century stained glass windows, a two-manual pipe organ, built in Ireland, locally-stitched needlepoint hassocks with scenes relating to the Church and life on the Island.

Inside was beautiful and warm and inviting
Adjacent to the cathedral is the Whalebone Arch, constructed in 1933 from the jawbones of two blue whales to commemorate the centenary of continuous British administration in the Falklands.

These warning signs are here and there, all over the area by and up to Gypsy Cove. Also on the bus ride back to the Jetty, there where many memorials built along the side of the road to lives lost either from the war, or people killed by land mines.

Britain WON!

Ross Road which I think is the Main Street. I was searching for the post office to buy some pretty Falkland Island stamps for souvenirs The Red Roof place on the right was FULL of nothing but Penguin souvenirs, however it had a almost a ship full of people shopping in there, and I couldn't stand trying to see what they had, so left. Sorry souvenir's!!

Th Post Office was CLOSED!!!

So, I took pictures of the stamps for sale, posted behind a glass display that hung outside.
Outhouses???? Just joking!!!!Description below this picture!

Hey!!! I know these people! It's Gunther and Illa from our ship!!! Hi ya guys!!!

I'm walking on the small sidewalk beside the water, looked down and although the sun was right in my eyes, I spotted movement. Looked closer and these little guys where close enough for a picture. Mom and Dad were watching me and took the babies out to deeper water and safety.

NOTE:: I forgot to tell you about the big whale I saw in the Antarctic, jump out of the water TWICE!!! What a wonderful sight to see!!!! I said "Whale" and people from one side of the ship came running to the window but nobody was able to get a picture. They jump and disappear quick!!!

An English Country the Falklands!!

I saw this just as I was behind the line on the Jetty waiting for another Tender to take us back to the Amsterdam.

The Tenders or the people getting off the ship at ports are always greeted by the photographer and this guy was a cheesy looking pirate, ready to take our pictures!

Goodbye Falklands, I enjoyed my visit very much!!

Arriving back "HOME".

There waiting and anxious to hear what I had seen, what I learned and happy to see me was my wonderful Tom!

Continued tomorrow with more pictures and stories from around the ship as we have two more interesting days at sea.

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  1. Hi!!! Its me again!
    So I have gone and come back from my cruise.. And as you said it was the most amazing experience in my life.
    I am editing pictures and soon will be up. Just wanted to say thank you!!!!


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