Tuesday, January 20, 2009


CONGRATULATIONS TO THE UNITED STATES AND PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA ON JANUARY 20/2009 Day 14, Sunday December 28Th and 29Th At Sea, partly cloudy 52F.

Continuing on a northerly course, we are sailing in the South America Ocean all day under the influence of the Falkland current with the rate of 2 knots.

Beginning to leave the cooler weather behind as we head further north into welcomed warmer weather.

Tom is tired of sitting in the wheelchair and he's beginning to feel down about himself, and worried that not using his legs at all, is just going to add to the problem, so as he wasn't feeling as much pain, he decided to walk around more.

We just finished a light breakfast as at noon today, we and half the ship are invited to the Mariner's lunch! Not many "newbies" on here! We've been to them before and I new in advance what was the usual on the menu. Steak, salmon and quiche. For some reason, I always order the quiche, and this trip was the same.

Hotel Manager Hans Dernison, Captain Fred Everson, Linda and Captains helper, Tom!!

After lunch we went to a talk on what life is like living aboard a cruise ship with the Captain, Hotel Manager, Chief Engineer, Chief Officer and Environmental Officer. A glimpse of life at sea for the MS Amsterdam. It was a question and answer period and very interesting.

Then we got thirsty! Tom had a beer, I had a fruit smoothie!

Lots of fun things to keep us busy the next few days before reaching BUENOS AIRES. I'm going to just make a little collage of different things on board the ship that don't need descriptions. Some entertainers and other things

Oh yeah...forgot...we did take a Spanish lesson....forget it all now!!

Hmmmm, this Collage didn't expand like the last one did.....back to the drawing board, however, I'm too tired to finish this, so going for a wee snooze. Re-travelling is so tiring!!

Back tomorrow with Buenos Aires, Argentina!!

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