Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hi everyone, I'm sorry, I never got to my blog today either. With my time clock way off kilter, I had to get some sleep and went to bed last night at 6, and slept until 4am and had to get up, as I was slept out!

So, I'm up, unpacking, doing laundry and doing laundry and doing laundry! So much to put away again! Our big suitcase, got battered to bits and is now toast! I think these very large, heavy suitcases, get thrown around much more then the normal ones, so, I won't buy that big size again.

Then Tom and I both had doctor appointments this morning, and one this afternoon, so by the time we got home, we had begun to sort of sink with tiredness. I played with downloading all 1,659 pictures! Can you believe I took that many!!! So much to tell you about and show you, but please hold your horses, until I can get organized a little more. Antarctica is extremely beautiful!!! I'll take you on a journey through South America in just a very few days. So, stay tuned!!

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