Monday, January 26, 2009


Day 19 at sea -rain- calm sea


I had hoped to spend our last day at sea sitting on the lounge chair on the Promenade deck, but it wasn't to be. Our first rain fell and all we could do it sit in the Explorer Lounge, and read, and play trivia. Our team, which consisted of a history teacher, brought us almost to a win with a score of 14/15. I forget the question, but I think it was one that I thought I had the answer for...WHOOPS!!! The team forgave me!

First thing this morning was our embarkation talk, where they tell us they are giving us the heave-ho, but in an organized way! However, we have tomorrow and Rio de Janerio, and they get rid of us cargo, the following morning.

This is Michelle Worthley, the fantastic cruise director on board the Amsterdam. Funny thing, we've had Michelle with us for two of our other cruises as well. She's very professional and good at what she does.

Here's she telling us in what order we will disembark, also telling us we can't take home our Cabin Stewards, of which we've become so fond of, the towels, the silver, or anything else that belongs to Holland America. She knows the passengers well!!

At the end of the embarkation talk, many of the crew from different departments came out to say farewell. It's always a touching moment as we've had such fantastic attention and wonderful service with always a beautiful smile and great manners and we are always amazed at how they can remember our names, which is truly astonishing, considering the turnover of each trip. Many of us are left with a big lump in our throats, or a tear...our trip is soon over. Although most of us are ready to go home, it's always a shock to have to go back to more luxury!!

Out they all come!
They sing us a little tune.
The goodbye is complete with streams of confetti. A wonderful send-off.

Tom and I spent the rest of the day, bringing back Library books, reading, drinking lattes, eating and headed to bed early in the evening instead of going to see the Amsterdam singers and dancers in SHOWGIRL.....I hate those shows!!
Tomorrow we reach Rio.

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