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NEW YEARS DAY 2009 AT SEA 1 and 2

Jan. 1/09 Day 18 and 19 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 FROM AT SEA, NEAR SOUTH AMERICA- Day 1 and 2

Here we are now, older, wiser and reflecting back on the past year, or years, and with 2009 , we look ahead with hope to a happier, more prosperous and healthier time with many prayers for PEACE. New resolutions and pledges are made to change for the better, only to be dropped by Feb. 1. I don't bother with resolutions anymore, which is part of my having grown wiser...they are just hopeless for me to keep making something I won't uphold. But whoever is reading this, may all good things come to you this year, and may it be a world of happiness for you and yours and again...PEACE for the world!!

It's a very QUIET ship today as we sail towards Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Everyone is done celebrating and thoughts of home are now on every one's mind. Here are a few pictures from around the ship on our next two days of sea.

Lots of snoozing going on here and there.
Then there is BINGO for big prizes.
Texas Hold'em and the Casino

My hang-out, the Digital Workshop

Art Auction Anyone?

Reading in the Library, or sending e-mails, or playing games
Look at this BEAUTIFUL table in the Library

Beautiful isn't it!!This is where we had our delicious cappuccino's and lattes.
This is one boat from the "Float Your Boat" Contest. I'm not sure which of these won, and missed the event when they sailed them, but there are some very original entries and they only had bits and pieces of things they could find around the ship.
Here's # 1 entry.
Number 2 entry.
# 3 entry

# 4 entry

Entry 5

Entry 6......woop's.....nix this one!!!
Tour the ship... This is the Pinnacle Grill...the only place on the ship you pay to eat!!
Look where we've been and where we are going.
I can remember when I was young in grade school and colouring the long strip of Chile, and choosing a color for Argentina, and Brazil and in the little country of Uruguay. Little did I think I'd be there!!!
Been there, done that!! How lucky we are!!

Entrance to the Queen's Lounge and where our wonderful nightly entertainment is held.

Life is Good!!!

Meeting new friends. This is Ester, who is also from Vancouver, and we'll be getting together soon.

This wonderful entertainer is Juan Pablo Subriana who is so talented, I can't believe he's performing on a Cruise Ship. He should be talent world renowned!! His piano versatility permits him to interpret not only a broad classical repertoire, but also contemporary and popular music. Juan Pablo is a funny and charming as he is gifted, and brings to the stage an exciting mix of music, variety and humour.

Well, it's dinner time around here, and I've really got sore eyes from doing this, so will finish up a short one tomorrow, of our last day at sea before we reach Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

Remember if there is a space, here, just scroll to the last entry in the blog.

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