Friday, January 9, 2009

Puerto Montt, Chile

Day 3, Wednesday, Dec. 17/08

They change the mats in the elevator with the day of the week, so we tourist, know what day it is. The days quickly roll into each other quickly!


Snow covered mountain is called Mt. Osormo. The Fujiyama of South America

How beautiful can scenery get??? Puerto Montt marks the official end of the beautiful Lake District of Southern Chile. It is a city amidst snow-covered volcanoes, lush jungle ferns, hot springs, forested hills and narrow fjords. It has been known for years as "the end of the line", whether travelling by railway, dirt road or highway. For the most part, it remains so to the present day.

The region was heavily settled by German immigrants beginning in the mid 19Th century. The area is famous for delicious sausages, cakes and pastries. With a current population of 130,00, Puerto Montt is well known as a fishing enter.

We are Tendered to shore(in life boats) as the ship couldn't dock there at port. The center of town was a mile away, but we where told that a very nice vender's market was a short distance away to the left of the port. (Besides, the store's in town don't open until 10 am.) So we set off walking, wearing far too much clothing and it was VERY HOT!! The area left much to be desired and we really we're not too comfortable walking there.

A pretty place, with lovely scenic views.

Walking some pretty shabby looking street, hunting for vendor's market.

A store window we looked into. Must be Gaucho's around here!

Tom never fails to flirt with the ladies! I bought a beautiful alpaca, carmel coloured cape here, for $20.00 American, that I love and it's so toasty warm for those cool places on the ship and the climate we are about to visit.

It's HOT, and Tom's leg is beginning to hurt, so we decide we better return to the ship.

Our home waiting for us!

This was a better idea! Tom choose the hot tub, and I did hot tub and pool.....lovely!!!

Tom isn't sure how to work the new camera, so I waited and waited and waited for him to click it!

Puerto Montt from the rail of the Amsterdam as we prepare to sail away


The rest of the day was spent, reading, sitting on the deck in deckchairs and t hen of course eating another delicious meal. We went to see who was to entertain us tonight, and it was a, so-called comic. I didn't laugh at any of his jokes, just wished we could have left. I think most people felt the same way!!! The rest of the trip, we had fantastic entertainment!!

Some interesting tidbits of information: This is the area where the 11Th show of The Amazing Race was held in this area, right down to Ushuaia

The casino is not allowed to open at all while we are in Chilean waters! Chilean Customs regulations.

More sea days tomorrow, so get set for some beautiful scenery from the Straits of Magellan.

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