Thursday, January 8, 2009



We don't really see much the first two days at sea, just serene sea's and exploring the ship, so I'm just going to show you the pictures on my camera until we get to the next port.

The was a beautiful clock that ran right up the middle of the ship, and was run by cogs and wheels. Absolutely breathtaking! So much detail. Once in awhile, but not always, it would chime and all the wheels would move and was really interesting to see.

Just some picture's around the ship. The first sea day is a day to rest up after our long trip. We wandered the ship, picked out some good reading material from the Library, and watched some people in the pool, but wandering through on my second day, (I think Tom was reading in the Library), I sat at the pool on a lounge chair and had the most wonderful sleep! Just what I needed!! Energized again, I discovered the Techspert (Computer Lab), where you could learn how to make web pages and movies. I'll attempt to make one after I get my blog finished with the trip...if I can remember how!! Then I met Aline, a nice lady from Ontario, and we went for afternoon tea. What a life!!

Tomorrow, I'll skip to Day three, Dec. 17th, when we reach Puerto Montt, Chile and the beautiful scenery begins.

Bye for now!

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