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The Sign of the Ox

Invariably solid and dependable, Ox people are excellent organizers. Oxen are systematic in their approach to every task they undertake. They are not easily influenced by other's ideas. Loyalty is a part of their make-up, but if deceived they will not forget. Oxen do not appear to be imaginative though they are capable of good ideas. Although not demonstrative or the most exciting people romantically, they are entirely dependable, and make devoted parents. Oxen are renowned for their patience, but it has its limits - once roused, their temper is a sight to behold.
People born under the sign of the Ox or Buffalo usually have strong codes and work ethics. This can lead to a tendency to be a workaholic, and they should make an effort to relax more. Ox people are usually strong and robust, and according to ancient wisdom, they should be blessed with long lives.
The Ox home is his castle where he finds relaxation and peace from the everyday hustle and bustle of his career or responsibilities. He also enjoys spending much time in planting gardens and trees. He generally prefers to decorate his home comfortably with nature colors.
Able, ethical and aware, co-workers of the Ox can depend on their eyes for details. Because they are so well-organized, they are better-suited for specialized positions and prefer to work in large companies. They work best when they work alone since they can be unhappy when participating in a large group.

Today, Tom had an appointment with the Chinese acupuncturist for his shoulder. He broke his shoulder many years ago and it's become a lifetime problem, so he sometimes goes to this fantastic little Chinese person in Vancouver. We can never pronounce her name, so with no malice intended, call her the "Gilly-Gilly" lady! She's a sweet wee thing with a cute giggle and really knows her stuff.

Should read TOM instead of ED!

From there, we went to Oakridge Mall. A big Chinese celebration was going on there, and we got to see a little of it, before it was over.

We missed the big celebration, but the Chinese dragon was still in the Mall. Such beautiful colours!

A piece of lettuce was hung from every doorway of each store to feed the Dragon. I'm not sure what it means but likely some form of good luck for each store.

Here the Dragon is approaching the lettuce.

The Dragon reaches up high and eats the lettuce!

Mmmmm Good!!

Driving home, we passed the Art Center where there is always something going on, so I snapped these pictures from the moving car. Looks like another Chinese celebration going on here!

Then I saw a side street with some pretty bare trees, that looked pretty to me, so snapped that too!!

Heading back through Vancouver, and home, this looked like a pretty shot, so took it too. Darn wires going across the road ruins the picture. Pretty mountains in the background.

So, that was our Saturday on the last day of January 2009


I downloaded the latest version of Picasa, and now, I'm having problems finding my pictures, and when I do find the, they won't upload to blogger the way the old version of Picasa did.

Is anyone having the same problem? Any solutions? I had to email the pictures to myself, open a new file in MY DOCUMENTS add the pictures there and then upload to my blog from there!!! Very time confusing and extremely frustrating!!!!

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