Sunday, February 1, 2009

February 1st/09 Trial and Error

Tom and Linda

Hello everyone, I’m trying a new posting from Window’s Live, that seems to have many more features. This is just a testing one I am doing, so hang in there, until I get it figured out.

Batman sharpened

Hmmm, certainly adds pictures exactly where I want them without always having to line them all up each time I add one, and has many more fonts available.

Seagull taking a drink from fountain Seagull at fountain

Wow!!! I’m impressed!!! This is fantastic!! I can add more then one picture at a time and play with it as well. NEAT!!

Wow….look!!! This is where I often go for a walk to the Pier.

Map picture

Hang in there with me while I try all these features and I think when I’m done here, I can just upload it to my blogger spot….we will see when it’s time to do it!!!

Well, we are off to see the Benjamin Button movie, so I have to get off here. But, what a great site this is to do the blog on. Now, I’m going to see if it will transfer to my blog site. If it works, you will see it…if not…..back to the drawing board.

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