Tuesday, February 10, 2009



Today, Patricia picked me up and away we went, not really knowing where we where heading, but it was time for old friends to spend an afternoon together.

Lot’s of catching up chatter in the car as we tried to bring each other up to date on each other’s lives and to share a few laughs at some funny comments about aging!

We headed over to Park and Tilford in North Vancouver where some store sales lightened our wallets in a big hurry.

Why is it, that the one beautiful blouse you really want, and also the biggest bargain in the store and I think also, it looks the most fantastic on me, is the one not in my size! It never fails!!!

However, we came out happy, got some few groceries, then headed off for lunch at the Whitespot restaurant. The Whitespot is a chain out here and I don’t ever recall seeing them in Ontario. They make fabulous eggs bennie, which I didn’t have today, it was fish and salad.

Whatever we ate, we did more chatting then eating more laughing then chewing and then I was full and brought home a doggie bag. No doggie, but a hubby would munch it up, seeing a he didn’t have lunch, he went to the dentist instead!!

So, it was a fun day out, on a cold day with a wicked wind. We had a little snow this morning too….a skiff, but gone now!

So, that was my day, which started out with a surprise phone call from my girlfriend Vernice, so all in all, with Tom wanting only a very light, easy to make dinner, I had a great day!

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