Wednesday, February 11, 2009


cat sleeping on a post

Tom says he wakes up and looks beside the bed to look for all the sawdust he expects to find, from me sawing wood all night. He means I snore!! This morning, he said that last night I added a drum to my snore with a rat tat tat, rat, tat tat!! But when I tell him, that I stuff ear plugs in my ears every night so that it muffles HIS snores he doesn’t believe me!!! It’s a wonder we sleep at all as one of us is poking the other to stop.


I warned him before we got married that I’m not responsible for anything I say in my sleep either. Apparently, I talk and sometimes will break into gales of laughter or else weep deeply! I’m a joy to sleep with--entertainment all night long!

I called my older brother this morning to see how his shoulder operation was doing. Apparently, when he was being prepped for surgery, the nurse mentioned about his right shoulder being the one they where doing, and he said “WHOA…’s my left shoulder!!” The nurse went through his records and it was marked on every report that he was having the right one done!!! THEN…’s now three weeks later….the doctor’s nurse calls my brother and asked if he ever had a kidney function test. No, he answers, so she said, she’d let the doctor know and hangs up. Two weeks later she calls and  informs him the doctor would like to see him the next day. My brother inquired why, and she said it had to do with his kidneys, but that’s all she would tell him! ( I worked in a medical office for nearly 30 years and I certainly would never leave a patient hanging in that manner!) Anyway, my brother, now worried to death about what is wrong, goes into the doctor’s office and the doctor brings out this plastic mould of a shoulder and starts to explain where he will be cutting during the surgery!!! My brother couldn’t believe what he was hearing!! When he told the idiot, he had already done his cutting 3 weeks ago, the Dr. went a bright shade of red and said “man, do I feel stupid!”

So, my brother says, he thought he was called in because of something wrong with his kidneys, so the doctor says’ Oh?”,Scratched his head, shuffles his papers and says “ohhhh yeah”, shuffles more papers and finds deep in the file, the report that my bro’s  kidney functions are all out of whack, so he’s going to send him for an ultrasound and when 3 days are past after the ultrasound, to call him and they’ll talk! My brother says “your going to talk to me when I call you and explain it, or is the receptionist just going to set up an appointment, and the doc. says “oh, no, I’ll come to the phone!”

I’m flabbergasted!!! What can I say!!!


Before supper, I had a most delightful phone call from an old friend! We’d get started on one topic and I’d have so many questions, and we’d pop into another subject, just all over the map with bringing each other up to date, that I’d forget half the things I wanted to know…..memory is going…..OLD age is getting closer and closer and it’s scaring the heck out of me!! But it was a fun phone call!

When I first came to BC, I was ethnic food deprived, and wouldn’t touch East Indian food! I remember when my Grandson came to visit and Tom took us to a East Indian buffet. Brad, my grandson and I looked at the menu with fear that we’d have to eat this strange sounding food, so ordered “French fries, much to disgust of the restaurant owner. Tom delved into the buffet with gusto, and somewhat embarrassed, and disappointed in what he thought would be something different for us to experience.

Would you believe, I’m now loving and even cooking it now!!! I’m still testing with the simple dishes, like butter chicken, which is what we had for dinner, and love it with rice, which is not another of my favourite foods. I suppose as you reach OLD AGE  the taste buds change, so I guess that’s what happened!!

I can hear my grandkids if they read this, already making a mental note to check what I’ll cook if and when they come to visit!!

Well, that’s my meanderings, or ramblings tonight.

God, I’d give anything for some chocolate right now!!!!

REMINDER!!! To all those in the Survivor pool which starts TOMORROW night, you better remember to get your 2 names picked for the winning Survivors and get it to Bill  the day  before the 2nd show starts, especially with those that get it to view it earlier on the other side of the country and also….send your $5.00 gambling money!!!

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