Friday, February 13, 2009



It’s not only Friday, but the 13th!! I’ve never been superstitious much about anything, and was told the other day, by a friend that Friday 13th means a LUCKY day, so what the heck, I’d rather think positive, if I have to think about it at all!!

My mother would have a fit if an umbrella was opened in the house, so me being the daughter that wore a halo, would creep up to her, hiding an umbrella behind my back and then open and close it a dozen times in front of her!! I loved to tease her!

She came from Ireland with all the stories of fairy rings and leprechauns  and superstitions that could curl your hair, and about a drunken man’s hair turning white overnight when he fell from a stone wall into a fresh dug grave, and about the rocking chair that would rock on it’s own each and every night. Which is why, my hair is straight, having never believed in any that stuff

.horseshoe broken mirror black cat

666 knock on wood


But it sure was interesting and fun stories she’d tell us, while we crawled onto her knee’s, begging to tell us about Ireland and her home. She was a fun mother!!

Last night, I worked for two hours trying to make a movie in Window’s lleprechaun2ive, which was where I spent many of the sea days on the cruise to Antarctica trying to learn how. I got the storyboard, and timeline down perfect, and by then my eyes were red and sore and I could hardly stay awake. So, I saved it! All was well. Woke this morning, and accidently clicked DELETE!! Poof, it went…..gone!!

So, back to the drawing board and got it all back where I had it last night and then tried to add music. Got that down okay, but the music was longer then the movie, and the movie was too large to send in the right format. By this time, I just clicked on the email and previewed it along with everyone else!! Well, to those I sent it too, they must be laughing!!! My pictures turned out all watery, and not as clear as the originals  because my picture taking skill, was horrible as well!.Anyway, practice makes perfect, so I’ll keep trying but with better photo’s.

Well, I have the delicious aroma of roast beef and potato’s, onions, garlic and yummy stuff in the oven,wafting towards me from the kitchen. It’s making my tummy starting to cry “hungry!”

So with that, I wish everyone a wonderful, happy weekend!!

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