Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today, Tom and I went for a walk to the dog park, and dog’s where everywhere! However, we were captivated by the huge big swans and beautiful coloured ducks in the pond, and of course I got carried away taking picture after picture of birds!!P1040450 


What beautiful colours on this duck…a mallard maybe? I don’t know my my ducks, but there had to be a couple different kinds, all with beautiful colours, this one being the prettiest, right down to the little necklace around his/her neck. So lovely looking when the sun hit them and the colour of the feathers just popped out. The swans really took over and would paddle right through a large flock of ducks, scattering every which way. They sure are the King of the pond!!


P1040469  P1040444 P1040471

P1040441 P1040477 P1040455

We’ve had a wonderful run of beautiful warm, sunny days, where you just want to be outside all the time, however, I finally got the ironing done this morning and now we have clothes to wear again! How great is that!!! Tomorrow, the weather is suppose to be light showers, and more rain for the coming week, but these weather forecast are sure never written in stone!!! Just keep our fingers crossed, that we switch back to sunshine again soon.


This sign didn’t turn out too well, but what it says is this:

The Mute Swan has a royal place in English history. it was highly prized and protected for centuries by the Kings & Queens of England as much for the royal banquet table as for their beauty on the water. Here in Canada they are still protected by our own Canadian wildlife regulations


P1040478 Then we went for our daily treat at Tim Horton’s and bought our winning 6/49 ticket for tonight. So, save your money everyone, we have the winning ticket!!

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