Friday, February 20, 2009



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What a fantastically, beautiful day! The sun was shining and  it felt warm and glorious to be outside! I wanted to start taking out the patio furniture, plant some Spring flowers in the planters, and get ready for Summer. Tom said, it was too early yet, even though, it seems all the apartment building balcony’s have started to bring out summer furniture, and I see them  sun bathing across the way, not in bathing suits yet, but just laying back, soaking in the rays!!!


We made a trip to Horseshoe Bay for a prescription renewal with our Doctor. I love it out there, especially on a beautiful day. So, I took a few pictures to show you!


Now, I’m going to attempt a video. I hope it works!



That’s Tom walking ahead of me.


I love coming here, it’s so pretty, but on a rainy day, it’s very dismal and miserable looking!




P1040424P1040403P1040423I’m having a hard time getting these pictures lined up as you can see!!!


Beauty everywhere you look. The above was taken on the way home


P1040434 P1040435

P1040440 I

I just liked the pattern on this old log, and think it’s beautiful!!!

Then we stopped for a coffee and came home. Tomorrow think of me ironing ALL day!!! I’ve put it off long enough and we have nothing to wear!!!!

Happy Saturday!!

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