Sunday, February 8, 2009


What a view eh? A beautiful western Canada, February sunset from our deck. I’m not sure in what order they go in, but the scene changed all within just a few minutes and then it was gone….another day over!



P1040282 P1040278 P1040279 P1040280 P1040281

I’ve been taking pictures here and there, the last few days, usually through the car window, as we drove through the city, so they are just snaps of this and that…nothing too interesting.

Picture of victoria mountains fixed

This was taken this morning when the mountains in Victoria seemed so much closer. They seemed more impressive then my picture captured.

cat on balcony

The above picture was zoomed in on the building next to us. The cat is so comfortable that far off the ground (7 stories), while my heart was in my mouth as he walked so casually around the railing.

City Hall Vancouver Fixed pic of Van city hall Olympic Flags for 2010 what they wear in January here

Vancouver City Hall, Olympic Flags, and what they where in January around here! SHORTS!!

Tom is always taking me different places and showing me things, but because of the traffic, we just can’t always pull over for a good shot, so I do the best I can!!

Chinese New Year 2009-26


View from the car window as we head home through the city. My directions are “always head towards the mountains!”   The other is just one of millions of colourful poster on light posts down one of the downtown streets this morning.

That’s it for now…tomorrow is Tom’s birthday! So, will send some pictures of that on tomorrow’s blog!!

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