Sunday, March 15, 2009


St. Patricks hat

Almost at St. Paddy’s Day, which is just about as good as being there, when you are Irish!!

Ahhh , it’s gettin close it tis’ and there are two wee Irish people in this house ready to be celebratin’, and drinkin’ to ole Patty now on his grand day! We are just getting into the spirit of the day a wee bit early for on the grand day itself, we may be a wee tiny bit under the weather, if ya’ know what I mean now!

St. Patrick’s Day has always been one of my favourite day’s of the year, just because my mother was Irish born and even if there is a smattering of the French blood from me father’s side, we try to forget it and bury it under a rock on this, the best day of the year!

As for me self now, ye can’t mistake the Irish blood in me with my red hair and fair skin and the look of Irish mischief in my eyes, and there’s been a fair bit of the mischief over the years, I’ll be tellin’ ya! Ahhhh yes, just a fair wee bit! But, yes, tis’ a grand thing to be Irish!

So, from now to the big day, when EVERYONE wants to be wearin’ the green, I’ll be writin’ with a wee bit of foolishness, so I will!


 On the grand day, we’ll be joining up with some other of our friends at Dublin Crossing in Surrey BC which is only one day and 7 wee hours away now….and 54 seconds, if I may tellin’ ya too, for a grand celebration and many wee toast to the fellow, St Patrick. I’ll be taken me camera with me and will try to capture a picture of that elusive wee elf that plays about. Or maybe, the fairy’s will be dancin’ and I’ll get up and do a wee jig with them as well now! Ya never know, ya don’t!

So, be wearin’ your green now, and join in the fun because you can be sure the Irish eyes will be smiling!

when Irish Eyes are Smiling

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