Friday, March 13, 2009


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First the good news!!

Woke up this morning after being on the South Beach Diet and lost 7 pounds in a week!

Next the bad news!!

Stuck to my diet to a T and just stepped on the scales and it tells me I’m only down 5 lbs!!

All I can say about that is ..SHIT!!! (excuse my language…but I’m using the mildest swear word I can use on here!!)

Tom is down 3 lbs, but he CHEATS!! On the way to the mall today, he says “I feel so skinny!”

We even went to Tim Horton’s, using Irene’s lovely gift certificate, and we ONLY had a coffee! Not even a miserable little Timbit! It’s taken the joy out of going on our little shopping trips. But, I’m sticking to this easy to follow diet, although, it’s a little rough the first 2 weeks, but looking forward to the added food like bread and strawberries and more, on our second part of the diet.

But, the day wasn’t lost, because I ended up buying this beautiful hand made leather purse, that is soft as silk, beautiful leather and the right size..not too big, and small enough not to put my shoulder out of joint, yet carry all I need to carry. A low price too…life is good!

Now, more bad news!

We came home and Tom is wondering about the phone bill and just what we are being charged for. Last year, I had called them to find out also and it ended up, they had been charging us for TELUS equipment, which we don’t have, to the tune of $238.00. So, they gave us a credit and all was well. However today, Tom spent over an hour trying to reach the TELUS office, kept being passed on to people who would pass him on to someone else, then someone else….you know the drill!! Then they told him he was in a queue  and they would phone him back when it was his turn. The phone rang, Tom picked it up on the first ring and nobody was there, and he waited about 4 minutes and with the air blue with swear words, he hung up!! Talk about being frustrated, I thought he was going to tear the phone from the wall!!

So, then I tried, and with the luck of the Irish, got through immediately and was connected with a wonderful girl who explained everything to us, and helped save us some money. Then we asked about our cell phone which is on a “pay as you go plan” at $10.00 a month. That was great, however we have racked up a spare $250.00 in spare minutes! Which we find out is non-refundable and to use it up, we have to use the darn phone more!! But the young man I talked to was great explaining the plan and did try to get us a refund for us for the $250.00

Oh yeah…forgot about what else went wrong….MY COMPUTER!!!! Damn thing will NOT stay connected to the modem. Right in the middle of something, it tells me I’m offline and can’t connect to Internet Explorer, yet when I check, it’s already connected and fine!! It’s driving me crazy and it’s my turn to turn the air blue!! It’s been a fun day!!

However, it really has been a good day! In fact a very good day! Always many laughs between us, as well as much love passing back and forth every minute.

And as they say..” Don’t let the little things in life get you down!”


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