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Isn’t this a pretty picture! It’s suppose to be all the seasons. I know that Spring has just begun, but why in the heck does it still feel like Winter? When I first came out here to Vancouver, and we’d have cold or wet weather, everyone would tell me “ Ohhh, but it’s very unusual weather this year!!” So, I believed them for the first couple of years, but now know, that this is just  Vancouver weather. However, this year, I have to admit that I do find this more unusual then the rest, which had been cold, but after looking back at my pictures taken last year, the flowers are so much more behind and it’s real cold! Seems to be that biting wind always pestering us.

I got myself out of yesterday’s couch potato mode and was up and dressed and got some things done that I left undone yesterday! I didn’t even make the bed yesterday and if there is something I hate it’s crawling into an unmade bed. Nothing feels right!

We walked to the Library to get rid of the pile of unread books I never read. The 14 day loan period is just too short to get my pile read! Then, like usual had to pick up another armload to bring home again. That way, I have a pick on whatever mood I’m in at the time to read. These all look pretty good, so I better get reading fast!

pile of books

Yesterday, I received a wonderful gift from my daughter in the mail for my birthday that was in Feb. TICKETS FOR TOM AND I TO GO SEE LEONARD COHEN LIVE AT GM PLACE IN APRIL!!!

I looked up where we will be sitting and what prime seats we have, and what an enormous prime price she paid!!!! I knew she was buying us tickets, but had no idea the price or the seats she would pick for us!! So, I’m excited that we are going to see one of my favourite entertainers. I love his music and have for a long time….but Leonard and I have been around for a LONG time!! I have some of his songs on the music on the blog, so if it’s not playing, just scroll and have a listen.

leonard cohen 

He’s an old fellow now, but still has a good voice and when he sings, I find him so darn sexy!! He spent time as a monk at one point in his life, writes poetry, and some of his lyrics are a little raunchy, but he sort of half sings, half talks, and it’s a blend of good sound!

So thank you my wonderful daughter for a gift, I’ll enjoy and remember always!

Diet…lets talk about this friggin’ darn diet, the South Beach Diet!

I’ve been on a zillion diets in my life but have never in my life, seen one moving so slow at making me lose weight!!! We’ve been at this for a month now and the scales continue to move back and forth between 8 to 10 pounds. I even turned the scales over and looked to see if they where stuck! I’ve followed the diet exactly as written, without cheating at all, and they read the same thing every night when I weigh myself. Tom has lost 5 pounds but he’s cheating now and then, but he’s full of optimism and I’m just plain fed up!! The doctor says this is a good safe diet, and I hate to switch in mid stream, so I promised myself, I’d go to the end of April and if nothing happens to that miserable scale needle heading south, then I quit!!

If I can’t get into my black jeans by then, it’s game over. I’m going back to Atkins, even if Dr. Atkins died of a heart attack from his diet of too much fat.

Well, enough of this chatter, I’m heading to the bathtub. Nothing on TV until tomorrow night when The Amazing Race is on, so lots of reading time.


If I sat on that moon, it would sink to the ground!!!

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