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If anyone reading this ever get’s a chance to go to the Giggle Dam in Port Coquitlam your can be assured to have a very fun time! This is my second time giggling hilariously through the show and can hardly wait to see the other shows. The first time I went, happened to be the Medieval Show where luckily, I won 2 free tickets, It just happened that tonight show was also the Medieval show, but honestly, it’s so hilarious that I didn’t mind seeing it again. They change to different shows every few months, and I would love to go back to see the Christmas show.

It’s fun from the moment you walk in the door and the fun doesn’t end until sadly, it’s time to go home, but by then, your side is so sore from laughing, you need to leave to get some relief! Not only is the show great, but the meal is delicious, service was great and the meal nice and hot! It’s a well run show!!

Tom and I went with good friends, Bill and Dianne and Debbie and Dave. Dianne and Debbie are sisters. What a fun group on a fun night!

There is a lot of audience parcipitation and Tom and myself ended up on the stage! Bill, got molested! All good fun!!

Here’s a few pictures.

Left side of table, Tom, Bill, Dave. Right side of table, Linda, Dianne, Debbie


P1040642 This part of the show was so funny!! This girl was singing a song and came and got Tom out of the audience and brought him onstage and he had to say the words, “I do” at certain parts of the song, which was a little on the bawdy side! Tom got right into the fun and was enjoying it and playing the part so well. At the end, (and I missed the picture in fact my camera setting wasn’t right and none of the photo’s are great) She grabbed Toms head and shoved his face into her boobs! Well, it didn’t look like Tom minded this a bit! It was terribly funny!

P1040645 P1040643

There happened to be many birthdays in Feb, Tom’s, Mine, and Debbie’s, plus many other people in the room, but they advertised P1040637the super special coffee of the evening and it was given to me! Delicious too!!

All the skits where very funny. The one with the ladies, made up to appear very ugly and who wanted so badly to finally lose their virginity, singled out men in the audience and poor Bill got practically molested!





Bill doesn’t look like he minded this one bit!!!


This was the torture scene that was really good. These guys don’t follow a script and much of the fun is impromptu jokes.

P1040654 P1040655 P1040656

Poor guy, endured clips on his nipples, with weights hanging from them, beaten with a whip and tortured with a feather and when he screamed in pain, had a ball stuffed in his mouth to stop his complaining. (Nobody was hurt in this scene, it was all good fun)


This was the Braveheart Scene, and the girl on the table was the bagpipe!! Who thinks of these things!! A great laugh!


More funny skits, one of Mona Lisa with a surprise ending, P1040666and another of who is the most famous magician!

P1040668 P1040671

P1040673 P1040683 P1040694

Then we move up a few hundred years and into the British Invasion, with Billy Idol and Rod Steward, and I’m not sure who the one in the striped clothes with red underwear was suppose to be, and the fellow with the glasses, sings that song “I will walk 500 miles….I will walk 500 more…..) All great performers and very good sound a likes.




P1040697 P1040698 P1040702

Then out came Elvis, who was fantastic. All of a sudden off the stage he came, headed to me and brought me up on stage……oh noooo!! We had a very sexy dance, where he tried to undo my bra and I pinched his bum! I was laughing so hard, I could hardly stand up! All great fun!!

P1040691 P1040693 P1040690

The birthday people got served cake with a candle, and party hats. They think of everything!!

P1040678 P1040681 P1040679


Friends having fun! How great can it get!!! Lots of laughs, and good fun! A wonderful night at the Giggle Dam!


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