Saturday, February 28, 2009


 birthday post office 

Happy Birthday to Meredith!


Another birthday to celebrate today. So many of us in February! The family all met for breakfast this morning and enjoyed good company and conversation and always a few laughs. This Dave, Meredith’s husband beside her…a great guy!

The Gangs all here!! Joan is taking the picture!

P1040577P1040585 P1040567


P1040605 P1040569 P1040575

After breakfast, we had been invited back to Meredith and Dave’s for a visit. We couldn’t let the day go by without  birthday cake, although it didn’t have any money in it, we did have candles. Joan and I went off to shop for a cake and some devilment along the way!


P1040610 P1040611

Can’t that that Joan anywhere! I’m not sure if this guy was pinching her bum, or she was trying to lead him away somewhere!! Looks suspicious to me!

P1040613 May all her wishes come true!!P1040614 Must have been a funny joke!!


Now I ask you!!! Isn’t this guy cute!!! He’s MY husband and I love him dearly!! What a cutie!!

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