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Well, the excitement over St. Patrick’s Day Celebration is over and today, returned to a normal day in our house. However, I got on the scales this morning and I’ve lost 9 pounds in two weeks on the South Beach Diet. So, that brought a lift to an otherwise rainy and cold day here.

Yesterday at Dublin Crossing, I met a wonderful, YOUNG man while I was plastering shamrocks on everyone’s cheeks. He told me he had Irish citizenship and I thought how wonderful to meet someone from Ireland, so of course had to tell him that my mother was born in Ireland. He told me he wasn’t born in Ireland, but because his one parent was born in Ireland, he was able to have citizenship papers as well, and SO WAS I!! Now, how neat would that be!! Duel citizenship!

So, if anyone else is interested, he has information how to apply on his blog which is:

Wafting through the air, is the delicious smell of corned beef and cabbage, cooking away all day in the slow cooker. It smells sooooo yummy!! I can feel myself salivating with drool running down my chin! Another 1/2 hour and we should be sitting at the table, feasting, but still watching our diet. No potato’s allowed, just beef and cabbage! Of course we reward ourselves and by following our diet and ending with dessert. Jell-O and diet Cool-Whip!

We went out this afternoon in the rain, when Tom went for a haircut, and I went to shop for cabbage. Then we had a coffee and our allowed snack of 12 almonds!

Lunch was two romaine lettuce leaves, slathered with garlic hummus. Tom enjoyed it, I know I won’t be making that again!!

We have to see the accountant for our taxes tomorrow, so my afternoon was spent gathering the needed papers! I felt like I was back at work!

So, the blog is short today, however, I did make the effort!

I hope wherever your day is, it’s full of sunshine, either weather-wise, or otherwise!

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