Thursday, March 19, 2009


raining-cats-and-dogs So, what else is new? More rain, but it’s Vancouver, and it’s Spring, so what can we expect!

It’s also TAX time, so off we went by bus into Vancouver, which is the easiest way to travel to where we where going,  heading  of with our heads braced against the rain at 9:30 am . Why is it every time we have business down town, it pours? After that, we went to the passport office to renew Tom’s passport…..never know when our next trip may be!

If anyone has ever been to the passport office, they know it’s quite a procedure! You go to one office where they do this, then off to another office in the same building to do something else, then you return to the first office you began with!

I just don’t understand these government offices and why they just can’t get it together! But, after much trudging and waiting, success was to be had, and now Tom just has to wait two weeks until it arrives! It’s so sad to not be able to use his old one again, as he had some pretty neat stamps of places we had been to on our trips.


One of the neat things going down town in the rain, is the beautiful umbrella’s you


see everywhere. All different colors and designs and some that have seen the wind and been turned inside out a few times, but still doing it’s job in a lopsided way. Some people even use beach umbrella’s! Where we went today, was travelled mostly underground, so I ended up carrying the one I brought.

We stopped to eat and proud to say stuck to our diets! I’m still bouncing back and forth between 9 and 10 pounds off. Remember that delicious corn beef and cabbage I was salivating for yesterday while it cooked in the slow cooker? It backfired on me, and after 2-3 bites, got stuck in my throat and I spent the next three hours upchucking which seemed one heck of a whole lot more then I ate!!! So, my diet yesterday really consisted of an egg, and 12 almonds, and the scales didn’t move!!

rain unbrella

A note to Survivor fans, it’s NOT on tonight! I don’t know what’s it being pre-empted for, but I’m disappointed! I wait all week for that show!! Dang it!!

So, it’s back to reading. Just finished a good book called “Soul catcher” Good Book!!!!

Soul Catcher

Now starting one called “The Good Thief” which is good so far!

the Good Thief

So, that’s another day….didn’t say boring day….in the life of Tom and Linda. Everyday around here is an adventure and always fun!

see you later alligator

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