Wednesday, March 4, 2009



I don’t know which hurts most, as I sit here, with very sore shin splints and a belly that feels like it’s touching my backbone and absolutely NO energy to even get up and fix our DIET dinner! Getting healthy is not for the weak of heart!

I’ve began walking last Friday with a friend, who has been doing the same walk for two years now. It’s a lovely walk along the sea wall, and absolutely a beautiful place to feel and smell the fresh sea air, and enjoy the pretty flowers beginning to pop their heads out of the sun heated soil. The blossoms on the trees are beginning to sprout and next month at this time, the whole scene will have transformed itself into a whole different looking sea wall.

The first few days where grueling and I could only make it half way, then eventually a little further, and yesterday, I made the whole approx. 4km walk yesterday with no problem. However, all ready to do it again today, I was stopped by shin splint pain at not even the half way mark!! Did I overdo it yesterday, are my shoes not giving me proper support, what the heck!!! It starts about where the foot bends on top, where the tongue ends, and slowly works it’s way up the shin and boy does it hurt! However, if I stop for a few moments and then continue on, it’s not as bad and can go a way’s further.

Then the diet…we are trying the low carb, high protein diet, which worked well for me one other time, when I lost 50 pounds in 6 months. We started out well at breakfast, then went shopping for low carb food to fit our diet. When we had that done, we stopped at our favourite Thai food restaurant “Sweet Basil” in North Vancouver, and had sweet and sour chicken……not on our diet!!! So, for supper we are having a light supper of low carb, and just carry on! It’s all soooo painful this whole attempt at losing weight. They say, “no pain, no gain”, so I suppose that’s true!!

I haven’t been taking my camera with me on the walk, and wouldn’t you know it, I’ve seen some great things that would make good pictures!! But, I’m walking with a friend, and don’t want to slow her down by snapping this and that!

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll just head out on my own and walk a slower pace, take some pictures and hopefully my shin splints will get a little rest as well. However at the moment, I’m praying for RAIN!!! Please God, let it pour tomorrow, so I don’t have to walk for exercise at all!!

rain dance

I need help from these guys who are doing the rain dance!!! Then I have a feeble excuse NOT to go tomorrow! But I will continue, I just need a little relief for a day!

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