Thursday, March 5, 2009



Never one to give up easily, out I went again for a long walk with a friend, and once again, I had to give it up, not having even gone as far as yesterday!! I think I’ve just overdone it and now gingerly walking around with tendonitis on the top of my foot.

my feet are killing me

So, gave it up, climbed the long flight of stairs leading from the sea wall to the main drag, huffing and puffing when I reached the top, and continued on my way to meet Tom at his favourite hang-out…the Library. I think I won’t even make a deal with the magic of Indians to do another rain dance tonight It didn’t work yesterday either. I think I’ll just go out on my own tomorrow at my own pace, stopping here and there, taking pictures as I make my way to my goal, in Dunderave. Then I won’t have to keep up the fast pace with my friend and I can take it easier. I’ll be the turtle and win the race!

Tomorrow, is a special day! Tom and I celebrate our 4th year of marriage, and now heading into our 5th and looking forward to many more happy years! I am married to the most wonderful man, and we both feel very blessed that our lives, in it’s strange way, brought us together. It was met to be!!

Short blog tonight, because in a few moments my favourite show, Survivor is on!!

When I reach my goal tomorrow, I’ll be humming the theme from Rocky!!

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