Thursday, April 9, 2009


Good Friday

Good Friday…a day for remembering that Jesus died on the cross for us!

When I was younger, brought up in the Catholic faith, taught by nuns, went to church not only on Sunday, but also, every mornings throughout Holy Week before Easter, down on my knees saying the rosary at each of  the Stations of the Cross, I felt such a strong faith within myself. I could feel God with me. That faith is still as strong in me as those long ago yesterdays and even though, as I grew up,  and eventually grew away from the church and on with other things that tend to consume our mind and time and life, my faith, and the feeling that God is with me has never left.

Oh sure, I go to church only at Christmas now, but my belief today is not with any particular religion, although the Roman Catholic faith is still very strongly the core of my faith. I just don’t believe anymore you have to be in a church to still practice your faith.

Practice…what does that mean? To me, it’s believing in God, doing all the things that make me as good a person, that I can possibly be.

One thing ingrained in my mind as a child is the Catechism. The CAPITAL SINS, Pride, Covetousness, Lust, Anger, Gluttony, Envy,Sloth

THE CARDINAL VIRTUES  ‘Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, and Temperance’.


10 commandments

I am the LORD thy God. Thou shall have no strange gods before Me

Thou shall not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain.

Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.

Honour thy father and thy mother.

Thou shall not kill.

Thou shall not commit adultery

Thou shall not steal.

Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbour

Thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s wife.

Thou shall not covet thy neighbour's goods.

Oh Boy….have I broken a few of those!!!

However, it’s Good Friday tomorrow, and I still remember being told that Jesus died at 3pm (what time zone, I never thought about as a child), but I’ve always remembered that, and never forgot it, so tomorrow at 3 pm, I will remember as I do every Good Friday, what it all means, give thanks and say a prayer that, always  God is very near.

I hope everyone out there, at least gives a thought to that tomorrow!!

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