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Over with Easter and on with SPRING…..and hopefully some warm weather!! Vancouver is dull with heavy clouds and fresh snow on the mountains, but you never know around here, because I have this theory that by approx. 4 pm, the weather makes a change either for the worse or the better. Today, it has to be for the better!!!

I’m mixing my colours like an decorated Easter egg!!  Have you ever wondered where the Easter bunny idea came from?


The Easter Bunny is Born

The first appearance of an egg laying rabbit emerged amongst German Protestants during the 1700s. They wished to retain the Catholic custom of eating coloured eggs for Easter without having to fast. (Catholics were forbidden to eat eggs during lent,(I never heard of that!) and were therefore abundant on Easter Sunday).

German immigrants introduced the “Osterhase”, which means Easter Hare, to Pennsylvania in the 18th century. The Germans told their children about the hare that would only lay colourful eggs in nests created for him by good boys and girls. The tradition has spread and is now celebrated among many cultures, some with slight differences.

So, now you know the rest of the story!!

We just arrived back from Tom’s long awaited CAT scan that was booked after our Christmas cruise, and then went and had lunch and bought some groceries, however…’s very difficult to buy groceries when we have no fridge, which isn’t delivered until next Thursday. So, we hope the cooler weather holds until then and Mother Nature keeps our food cool for us. Only this time we CROW and SEAGULL proof them!!

I took a few pictures on the way home of some trees in bloom.

P1050086These are the beautiful delicate blooms below.



This tree is so pretty when in bloom, however, from the picture above, the flowers don’t last too long. Some already fading.



I forget the name of these, but they are everywhere!! A few more different tree’s along the way home where in bloom, but we couldn’t stop in traffic to take them! But, it’s pretty around here!


I took a picture of this very beautiful lady at the Mall. Isn’t she lovely!


This handsome, well dressed man just had a CAT scan, and I just had to snap of picture of his hospital outfit!!


Easter happy weekend



I hope Peter Cotton Tail, comes hopping down your bunny trail!!

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