Monday, April 6, 2009



Woke up this morning, racing to get my shower before making breakfast, because today we were going out to lunch for a little birthday celebration for a friend of ours. When I got out of the shower, the shower curtain rod fell down and it’s impossible to get it up by myself, so waited until Tom could fix it. What a production that was!

I dried my hair, curled it and put on make-up, then went about to make some fruit smoothies for Tom and I. Went to get some ice cubes out of the fridge and they just had a thin layer of ice instead of hard cubes. I put the ice cube trays in last night! We’ve been having a problem with the freezer/fridge not getting cold enough for ice cream, but we never bothered to call someone to look at the freezer. We waited too long!!

The freezer was packed full of meat, that was thawing out fast!! I threw out half of it and took the rest that still had ice crystals in it, next door to an empty apartment for which we have  the key, and the permission to use the apt, until it’s sold. I had to throw out so much meat that it took  one of the largest size black garbage bags to the garbage. What a waste!! I had a turkey that was thawed, but still cold, so I threw it into the oven to cook. We ate some for dinner tonight, and haven’t died yet, so I guess it was still okay.

We had the repair man in and he said to start looking for a new fridge!! So, we cancelled our party plans for lunch, and after getting the kitchen cleaned up again and the fridge all wiped out, be began our quest for a fridge.

We found one we liked, a two-door, with freezer on the bottom, and in white to match our stove and washer and dryer. Then,  told it wouldn’t arrive until April 17th!

Of course the weather has turned warm and I can’t store anything out on the deck during the day , even though if I do, I’ll sure put it under lock and key from the darn birds that ate my meatloaf this past week!!

The meat is okay left next door, and the fridge has a wee tiny bit of coolness in it, but hardly enough to keep the milk cold!

Oh yeah…when I did make the smoothies, without the cubes, I forgot to put the lid on the blender, so you can imagine the mess in the kitchen!! What a clean-up!

Also, to make matter’s really bad, I opened up an email this morning that my sister in law, has breast cancer. I’m saying tons of prayers and please say a few more for her, she’s a wonderful person and we love her so much!

So, that has been our miserable day, and I’m whipped, and ready to finish this off and go join Tom in bed to read awhile before heading off to dreamland!!

I’m wonked out!!

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