Saturday, April 4, 2009


easter bunny[4]

Well, there seems to have been a few traces around here of this famous hare, but, I didn’t want him to start practicing at this house, while we are on diet’s!!

But, the old rascal, has been here and when we got home today, magically, these foil wrapped little chocolate eggs appeared on our table! Now, everyone knows, of my weakness for chocolate or anything sweet, so I’ve vowed not to touch them, however Tom has become a super sleuth and caught little scrunched up piles of coloured foil, emptied of chocolate, and is wondering who is eating them! Not ME!! I don’t know who!!!

The other day, on one of Tom’s “mystery tours”, he took me to a little village called Edgemont. A cute little place, with a few nice little stores. For such a small place, I couldn’t believe how busy it was! We wandered around, had a coffee and I met with the nicest fellow, who I fell in love with.


Meet Jim! He was in a bookstore in Edgemont, in a chair beside the door as I came into the store. Such a lazy, placid, easy-going fellow!! I petted him, talked to him, the camera flash went off in his face a few times and he barely opened his eyes. I fell in love with him!


Isn’t he a wonderful handsome fellow!!


P1040990 This a another store I visited but can you believe, I did NOT buy, or sample on single solitary thing!! The next store was a bake shop and I didn’t go in, but the smell of just baked hot cross buns came wafting out to my snoze, and I know that as I deeply inhaled the delicious smell, I gained another 3 pounds!! Not fair!!!


Another store we came across, had all these wonderful little baby chicks!!


So, back to the Easter Bunny in Training who was here today! This is what I found today when we came home!



See what I’m tempted with!!! However, this damn diet I’m on is the slowest moving thing, I’ve ever been on, and believe me, I’ve been on plenty of them!!

Sometimes, I think, “Aw, chuck the darn thing and enjoy life!”. But, I’ve been doing that ALL my life, and it’s not normal for me to be not “trying” to be on a diet!

So, I’ll carry on and hopefully the scales will continue to move. Beside’s, I’ve got Inspector Clouseau, looking for evidence and is hot on my trail!!!


P1040983 Finally the beautiful colours of Spring are beginning to show themselves and the weather is warming up beautifully and tomorrow, I may get out on the deck and set up the do-dads and things out there like the cushions for the swing, the patio table and little ornaments.

Today, we met with Martin and Joan and Joan’s sister Gloria for brunch and then we all ended up going again to Edgemont, after I told them about the little chicks. As much as I love shopping with Tom, there is nothing like a whole lot of fun, shopping with the ladies. I enjoyed the day! One of the shops had this sign over the cash register, that I just love, so had to take a picture of it. We went to find Jim, but he must have been out for a walk,and I was disappointed not to see him again and his beautiful brown eyes!!!

Your husband called


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