Thursday, April 2, 2009


a little birdy told me

Aren't these little birds, spreading news to each other cute?  Well,I’m plenty mad at these feathered little shits!!!

I could wring their little necks at dinner time tonight, when I went out to get the meatloaf, I had to put on the table on the deck because of a full fridge. It was covered up good with tin foil, and, without a doubt, it was those big black starling or crow and their many friends, that must have spotted the shiny foil, came to investigate, discovered a delicious meat loaf with only two piece sliced off it, and spread the word…..hey…..birds of a feather…come for dinner!!! All that was left was little birdie footprints!! We are on the 7th floor, so it had to be those big miserable critters that not only disturb my sleep, but steal our dinner now too!!!


I have another beef tonight….SHAW CABLE!!! UGhhhhh!!!! We had a notice posted in the lobby that between 8 and 5 pm, for the next week, there may be interruptions in our TV service. No problem, I can do without the programs during the day, but leave my favourite ones alone at night! I don’t watch much TV, but all week they had been advertising a Leonard Cohen special to air last night, so I got everything done, so I could sit and enjoy the special, as I’m a big fan of old Leonard! The reception was so incredibly BAD that we had to turn the TV right off, Every station was goofed up!! I was so disappointed!! We do have tickets that my wonderful daughter bought for us, as a birthday gift, to see Leonard Cohen in person, this month, but I still wanted to see him on TV!

This morning, the SHAW CABLE trucks were parked right outside our building as they have been this past few days, and if I had of been dressed, I would have gone down and told them if they mess with my favourite show “Survivor” tonight, they could possibly have flattened tires, tomorrow!!

Tom and I did a repeat visit to the hospital today for our second attempt at having my carotid artery test to see if the blood flow to my brain isn’t messing with my memory, which I’m sure was a needless test, as I think my memory is maybe not the best, but normal for 65 years old. However, I did have some doubt about this “needless” test, because I had the wrong day, which wasn’t Tuesday, it was Thursday…today! Whoops!!

Tomorrow, I find out if the test turned out normal. It was a good test, as it was done by an ultrasound technician who has done it for years and was teaching a newbie how to do it properly. It was very neat to see the blood flowing through the arteries on the monitor and hearing the whoosh, whoosh of my heart beating steadily!

It’s funny how we never give much thought to our blood flowing through the arteries, making that whoosh sound from the time we existed in the womb, through all these 65 years of life. It makes you think of how truly this amazing body of ours is!!

I just keep it keeps whooshing for a long, long time!!!

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