Sunday, April 26, 2009



I know it’s no laughing matter, and I’m as concerned and worried about a huge flu pandemic breaking out as the next person. In the last few years that I worked in a medical office, the scads of warnings of these new, untreatable (no vaccine) and lack of enough of it, should a pandemic break out, would fill me with dread. I don’t like the sound of it so close, and if the warnings of what will happen, if not kept under control, not only will it spread around the globe, but also, create quite a panic. Soon everyone will be wearing a mask which is really a poor defense!!

Not only do we have an economic crisis, with problems galore created by that, but also the tourist industry is hurting and being squeezed even though we all love those wonderful bargains of great travel deals out there, I don’t think too many people will be taking up on the great bargains if there is talk of an epidemic looming. (As I write this, the first cruise ship, The Amsterdam, which we where on in Antarctica is sailing out to sea, heading to Alaska.) Nice to see the cruise ships again! Must mean summer!!! So, let’s be smart people….stay home if you are sick, don’t spread it around and wash your hands frequently!! I’ll step off my soapbox now..thank you very much!!


On a lighter note, it’s been a lazy Sunday! We where out later then our usual hour last night, having a delicious dinner at Isabelle and Ken’s. Enjoyable an delicious as always. We came home with a bag full of goodies also, jars of homemade marmalade, cookbooks, big bag of dates from Palm Springs, jar of caramelized onions, and a little flashlight for my key ring and some pictures that Ken printed out for us. Thanks again Belle and Ken!!!

Tom had a book he had ordered at the Library, and not wanting the staff there, think we had better things to do, as we are almost a permanent fixtures there and I’m sure they would notice, a day without us, up we went.



I went on a picture taking walk! The flowers are so beautiful this time of the year, I can’t resist taking pictures of their beauty!



As I wandered down to the end of our street, this is what was going on!

P1050323 P1050322 A bunch of artist, painting on a beautiful day and showing their artwork,

P1050325 P1050321

Then I wandered even further and this is what I saw!



The Maersk Line….remember it in the news lately with the pirates? I wonder where it’s heading!


One ship heading out to sea and grand adventure, and other ship heading in Vancouver port!

So, I walked some more and THiS is what I found next!!P1050331


P1050342 P1050345

P1050348 P1050343 P1050360

A midway with rides, the lovely smell of fried onions, hamburgers and the tempting…ohhhh so tempting cotton candy!!!

So, I stifled my desire of the sticky stuff and headed on home. And this is what I saw!

P1050361 P1050365 P1050366


P1050368 P1050370

Flowers, flower, flowers, that I can’t resist, even the lowly dandelion!! Beautiful!


So, on I wandered…….P1050371

Home at last, and pictures taken on both side of out building…so pretty!


And into our building, and this is what I saw!P1050375

Tom arrived home before me, put all the groceries away (he made breakfast this morning too!!!!), and now, I’m off to make us some dinner! So, that was our Sunday!!

By the way, for some amazing feat…the Comment section underneath each blog is NOW WORKING!!! So, please leave comments or sign the guest book. I love to see someone saying a hello!!

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