Saturday, April 25, 2009


sitting around

Although it was a busy morning, with our 2nd new fridge arriving, and getting the wrong one they sent us two weeks ago sent back, we had to get it emptied and the new one filled.  So, we are pleased with this one and it suits the other appliances well. I think we’ll keep this one!

So, now we are waiting for the hands of the clock to move around, as we’ve been invited to Toms Sister and husbands, for a rack of lamb dinner!! Yum, Yum, Yum!!! I LOVE rack of lamb!! However don’t want to arrive too early, so we are just sitting here watching a documentary of Ozzie Osbourne. What a mad man!!!

I got a few more pictures from a fellow fan of Leonard Cohen, that was sitting near us during the concert and sent us some pictures, which was wonderful of him. I’m still relishing in the concert, it was so fabulous. I’ve downloaded a few more of his songs on here, if you have a look for them on the music player. I love “Tower of Song”, where he played a little piano on stage. I just read….well more like skimmed and reading certain parts of a book about him. He’s much to deep for me!! But some interesting facts. He lives very starkly, meditates 3 hours a day, has two children, a sweetheart, suffered depression most of his life, (but with a mind like his, it’s no wonder). He’s extremely intelligent, very religious, and as he said in one interview I saw, he said he was noted as being a ladies man, but he could count hundreds of thousands of nights he spent alone. His voice has deepened with the habit of cigarette smoking, his band is the greatest, and he’s just a very soft spoken nice man. The book talks about his earlier LSD habit, but that’s long ago in the past. He’s happy now, no depression and I still say…what a joy to have the opportunity to see and listen to him in person.

pictures from guys camera3

Pictures from guys camera

Pictures from guys camera 2

And my very favourite!!!

Glen with LC shirt on

Glen with THE MAN tee-shirt!!

Thanks for the pictures Glen!!

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