Saturday, May 30, 2009



It’s been a “ducky day! Beautiful sunshine and a good day that started with Isabelle, coming over to check on her brother and make sure he’s coming along health wise and I haven’t killed him yet, under my care! Although, last night, I was beginning to think I was killing him!! I made spaghetti for dinner, which Tom loves, but forgetting that sometimes it repeats on him. So, around 9 pm, his dinner started to back up on him, which started him gagging and coughing which at the moment is extremely painful for him with the surgery he had exactly two weeks ago. He’s still in the early healing stage and coughing is very difficult to do as he hugged his pillow heart to his chest for support. I felt so bad for him, but could do nothing. Gosh, he gets a little cranky when I inflict such things on him too!! However, all was well though the night.

Isabelle stayed for lunch and it was great to have someone to chat with. I haven’t seen anyone but Tom for a week! I think he liked the diversion also!

So, after Isabelle left, we went for a little drive along the water and every beach area was packed with sun bathers and BBQ’s and picnics going on everywhere!

People don’t take kindly to having pictures of them sun bathing, so I stuck to ducks!!


The ducks mostly seemed to be napping as well as the big white geese!



 This guy was busy fishing. Beautiful colours on their feathers. The water has gotten quite murky and full of algae.



I wonder where this  freighter is heading. I have a site, that a tracks where they go, if I get the number off the back of the ship, but for some reason the tracker isn’t consistent with the updating where they are. It’s kind of interesting to what part of the world they are going to. I hope not off the coast of Somalia!!

Then some roses caught my camera eye and I tried and tried to catch some bee’s gathering nectar, but wasn’t too successful, as either they would go too deep into the flower and I wasn’t going to get my face that close, or the wind would blow a leaf just at the wrong time, and block out the bee!! These digital camera’s are wonderful for taking as many shots as you want, as most are screwed up ones!

No bee’s in this pictures.


Darn, I clicked too late and the bee had gone!



Great shot, and the wind blew the petal over the bee!!!……On to some other subject!!!

Big cruise ship, loading up with passengers, who they call “cargo”, when they leave, after eating and eating and eating at the buffet’s. We watched this one leaving from our balcony, after we got home….Bon Voyage to Alaska!


Lots of snow, still on the mountains. It will stay all summer! I could see it snowing up there the other day as a big cloud hung over the mountain top, as we basked in sunshine down here on the sea level.


Then we came home, had a very light dinner and soon will be diving into my book I’m reading and calling it a day. More sunshine and warm weather predicted until the end of next week!! Beautiful!! Hope it’s sunshine and happy day’s where you are too!!

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