Friday, May 29, 2009


nothing to blog about

That’s right…nothing to blog about, nothing new to tell you, nothing exciting to make you say Wow!! Absolutely zero to even talk about! My mind is BLANK!

When people have nothing to talk about they usually comment on the weather, so….it’s beautiful and warm today, and is to continue for a few days. Nice eh?

Tom didn’t have a good day today, which the medical experts say, is usual to have good and bad ones. So, we’ll just roll with the flow, until he’s back to his usual self.

I didn’t do to much today, cooked, cleaned, computer, the usual stuff. I think I’m a little down too!! Runs in this family of two!

No plans for the weekend, except to go buy a couple more plants and stick them in a planter. Exciting eh!!

So, that’s my blog tonight! Maybe if some of you readers would drop a little note to say hello, it would give me incentive to find something a little more worth reading.

Think about it!!!


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