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Welcome and I’m back again! Not that I’ve been anywhere, but maybe it’s just there is so much to do, now that the nice weather is here.

The big tree beside us that reaches well past our 7th floor condo is full of little chickadees, and they always come over and fly around the deck, sometimes knocking themselves out on the window! So, yesterday, I went out and bought some birdfeed for them, thinking I’d be able to tame them to come land on my hand, once they got used to me.

Well, they must have gone on vacation, or I’ve highly insulted them with the seed, because not ONE bird has been out there all day!! Humph!!!

I’ve also been hoping to take some close-up pictures after I lured them with the seed, but they are on to me or something! Watch the crows come and take over and I hate them! I’ll have to get a slingshot instead of a camera to shoot with!

Tom and I went to Dundarave, so Tom could get his hair cut and then we went for a little walk out onto the pier. So hot and so pretty out there.

Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse point

From the pier in Dundarave looking toward the Lions Gate Bridge, shown in the distance. That’s the sea wall, all along the water to Ambleside, where we live.

view of bridge from Dundarave

 It’s such a nice day to be out!P1050579Back to the car…so pretty here!



These pictures, I took from the car window, while stuck in traffic, going past the shopping center. Some people talk on their phone….I take pictures!!

 P1050595 P1050597 P1050599


Today, we also went to the West Vancouver Senior Center for lunch. Great cafeteria there!  The Center has been under construction and added to this past few years and it’s really beautiful and BIG! This was just outside one of the doors.

Outside senior center

This looks like a pile of twigs and twigs you’d sweep off the ground, but it’s actually a very huge big picture made out of twigs, and branches and absolutely beautiful. Who would ever think of doing something like this, is very creative!! This picture just doesn’t do it justice. The following picture is a close up of it.


P1050602 P1050605 P1050606

Some ladies getting healthy in one room and more swimming for health, which I’m looking forward to getting back to, and a cute seal who looks longingly at the water.


I took this picture not so much to show Tom, but to show the cute chairs made from logs. Of course, Tom looks pretty good eh?

Then we went to the Library, where I wanted to find out how to do  ancestor searches online that can’t be done from home. But, I can only sit there searching for so long before my eyes begin to burn and I have to quit, but what a huge amount of information can be found.

And that’s my blog for today! Enjoy the rest of your day everyone!

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