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Well, I’m a few days late, or it seems awhile since I put my focus on this blog, but I’ve gotten so involved with this genealogy stuff, that is absolutely mind boggling, frustrating, yet so exciting when something regarding the family is discovered. Today, for the first time, I have found a picture of my Grandfather on my father’s side, and what a wonderful discovery, thanks to my cousin Dorothy! Thanks Old Bean!!!!

zoomed picture of Dad in uniform

My Father, Adolphe Leo Guttin

cropped picture of Grandfather

My Grandfather

Reginald Armand Guttin

Great, Great, Grandfather cropped

My GREAT Grandfather Regis Adolphe Guttin from Morains (Isere) France.

(the name Guttin-Lombard, was shortened to just Guttin when he came to Canada.)

It gets even better of a find, when I find the following

Grandma My Grandmother (Father’s mother) Mary Emma Willoughby

Jane Little Saunders on the left, her daughter & Isabella Hunter Saunders in the middle and Janes mother Elizabeth Pattie on the right

My Great Grandmother Isabella Hunter Saunders

My Great-Great Grandmother, Jane Little

My Great-Great-Great Grandmother Elizabeth Pattie

The Keenan’s come into the story with marriages, but won’t get into all that on here!

Still looking for

The only information that I have is that Catherine Robin married Joseph Guttin Lombard in France (perhaps in Morains).Their son, Regis Adolph was born in 1836 and emmigrated to Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.Any information that you may have would be appreciated

I’ve got so much more I’m coming across every day, some from relatives some online.

So, tomorrow, I’ll get back to more of this century and tell you how well Tom is doing after our visit with the Cardiologist.

He’s doing fantastic!!

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