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I’m here, still on Terra Firma, however, my head is in the clouds!! A word from the wise…..don’t get involved with genealogy, it’s mind-boggling, frustrating, time-consuming, and highly addictive!! You will have sticky notes everywhere, notes scribbled on everything, and buried in bits and pieces of loose papers all around where you sit! Your mind will not shut down to let you sleep. Your husband, won’t get dinner on time, you don’t want to eat, you just want to play on the computer looking for the clues to complete the family puzzle.

However, when you get an tidbit of new information that leads to another possible source, it’s so wonderful!! Shannon my new found second cousin has been a wealth of information and is leading me back further and further in family history, besides, she’s so much fun to know.

Today, a wonderful e-mail arrived, of a possible relative who has put an impressive amount of work into the family tree, with scads of information, that may lead us to our ancestors in France. However, the elusive Regis Guttin, and his parents and those parents are still a mystery.  But the super sleuths have not admitted defeat!!!

Today, I bought a program called Family Tree Heritage, installed it and I’m totally confused as to what I’m doing. I guess, I’m going to have to overcome my hatred of reading the instructions. I tend to plow right in, get frustrated and quit. This is how my head feels….it doesn’t retain information for longer the 2 seconds!!

empty head

Change of subject…Tom is doing fantastic! He’s walking all the way to the mall and back again, he walks to the Library, where before, he could have done neither! He’s not out of breath, he can walk the whole way without stopping trying to catch his breath every few steps and it never ceases to amaze and horrify me how close he was to a fatal heart attack!

Every day he begins to have his health return, and it’s so wonderful to have the man I married slowly returning to what he was when we met.

The weather here is absolutely beautiful this May and June. However, the snow melt that we rely on to fill the water reservoir is getting low, so the newspaper reports. There wasn’t the amount of usual snow again this year, and slowly in little ways, one can see the results of global warning and the threat of the loss of fresh water, which  becomes more a reality each day, as many towns are having the same worries.

The little birds that I bought the seed for have skipped town!! I guess because it wasn’t natural holistic seed that they have refused to eat it!

I’ve been watching “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here”. I’m ashamed to admit that I watch it but there is just nothing worthwhile to watch. It’s actually very amusing as their time in the jungle goes on and they start scrabbling with each other..

Well, that brings me up to date on things around here. I’ve been behind in doing the blog, and will try to get myself off the ancestor site and get some pictures posted soon.

Have a good one!


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