Tuesday, June 16, 2009


 sunscreen With all our wonderful sunshine, and my very fair skin, and always using sunscreen, an article in the newspaper popped out at me the other day about chemicals that are in the sunscreen we hope to protect us,  which could possibly be doing more damage to my skin.

So, I looked up the article, which I will include the link to, that tells you on a scale of 0-10, with 0, being the best, which sunscreens are the safest.


Some are made of natural products and some full of chemicals. I went over to Whole Foods to see if they had a few that I wrote down that was in the 0-2 range.

All I could find is this brand. Rated as a 0, so this morning, I put it on my face. I went in to give poor Tom a little scare!! This stuff went on like white oil paint like I’d use for walls!!

It took, me a half hour to rub the stuff into my skin and when I was finished, I looked like a corpse!!



So, I added some natural type of face powder to kind of even it out, added some blush, and I still looked like I was “the fairest of them all!” Still white! Not even a freckle showed through!!

It has all sorts of natural oils in it, including Shea cream, and when I went out on a very long and hot walk, the stuff was melting down my face. I won’t even tell you what I paid for it!!! But you can imagine, if it came from Whole Foods and was a natural organic product!!

So, then Tom and I decided to go for a walk, down along the seawall toward what is called Doggie Park, which the dogs LOVE, and it’s so much fun to watch them.

So, here’s  few pictures of our walk.

Picking Seashells by the Seashore


A boy and his dogs.

Boy and dogs

This little dog was just plumb worn out with his play with the bigger dogs and running in and out of the water and having a good play day!



Ambleside by the Seashore

Ambleside by the Sea

This fellow was smelt fishing (taken on our walk the night before)


The wharf is always full when it’s evening, as the fisherman gather to catch crabs. Look at all those lines out!

P1050626 P1050631 P1050638

Awww, look at this guy they said was a “keeper”. Look at his eyes, and little mouth, pleading  with me to make them let him go and saying “Help Me, Help Me!”


The ducks where out, the kayaks and I couldn’t help taking pictures of the fascinating big stumps. This was had a bird sitting on it.


P1050647 P1050653 P1050660

Ambleside’s version of The Statue of Liberty, welcoming in all who are about to go under the Lion’s Gate Bridge


Scary looking fellow, isn’t he?



 A whooping crane? I didn’t hear any whoops!!


A pair of Swans


Up (or down) the Lazy River in the old mill stream……


Taken on Saturday. Tom and Martin, Joan and her sister Gloria

Tom, Martin, Joan and Gloria

Big hug to all my readers, love Linda


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