Saturday, June 20, 2009


nuckin futs

YUP! That little sign up there says it all!!!!! I feel that’s the state of my old brain at the moment, while trying to piece the puzzle of the Genealogy.

When a friend who has also gone through delving into family history, heard I was going to jump in with both feet, she warned me it was frustrating, exhausting, and very addicting and her advice to me was…RUN!!

What amazes me though, is realizing how difficult it must have been for some of my ancestors and the problems they had to endure. The sadness at times must have been enormous, and how I regret not learning more when those closer to the situations were still alive and I could have asked questions and learned more. But when you are young, your thoughts are not on the past, but the future, it’s when you get older, you explore what went before you!


A little change of pace and topic!

I’ve been looking through some other pictures and will give you just a potpourri of other photos of this and that. I haven’t been out much to take pictures this past few days…been under the weather!!


This is taken in on of those photo booths with my girlfriend, Janet and myself (on right) back in about the 70’s. What a pair of rascals we where in those days!!


My old buddy and Canada traveler, Batman who died with old age, last November. Sad days!!! He was a good old cat and missed.


This is my daughter Erin, when she was about 14, or so. I was taking a photography course, and doing my own developing in black and white. I loved the course, and love this picture.


This is around the mid 70’s as well. Mom lived in Barrie and I lived in Belleville and we would sometimes each take the train to Toronto and spend the day together. It was always so much fun having my mom all to myself and taking these memorable little shopping trips. We had so much fun. Look how skinny I was then!!!

Linda's Kitchen 1

Linda's kitchen and irene linda's house with irene

My home in Belleville. Looks like I could have done some plant trimming!! If there was a bare spot, in went a plant!! I loved my little house and sometimes miss it.

house front entrance

My Sweetheart and myself. Roxanne and TJ John and Marilyn two great friends

tom and linda together-1 Roxanne and TJ at Amherst Island John and Marilyn

Tom and his two children, Martin and Meredith…my stepchildren!!


Four Generations of Williamson’s


My daughter Erin, and my granddaughters, Erica and Sarah

Good picture of Erin, Linda, Erica, SarahSome friends, family and fun times!!!

Aunties together Linda and friends Linda and Jane singing

John and Linda 3 Norma P1010482

P1010527 P1010569 Boy, what luck getting tickets to this!

P1040636 Krissy3 Lisa and Brad

DSC_0566 Tom and Meredith zoomed P1050115

bear walking away signifying THE END

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