Monday, June 29, 2009


i love strawberrys

Strawberries…..out of the garden and not those hard white center ones from a greenhouse somewhere….YUM!!! So good!!! What a treat when they come out and what a glutton I am for them! I’ve been eating them for days now, until my system finally put a halt to it all and I’ve had to leave them alone for awhile.

Another thing I can hardly wait for is home grown tomato’s, instead of those hard things that look like tomato’s but taste more of fake replica. I love toasted tomato sandwiches with mayo and sometimes onion! Yum!

I’ve got one tomato plant growing on the deck and it’s full of little yellow blossoms, but was told the other day that I needed bee’s to make the tomatoes grow. The other alternative is go vibrate the leaves so the pollen falls off. So every so often I go out with Toms battery nose and eyebrow trimmer and vibrate each little blossom.


A tomato plant has never been so pampered!!! I feed it with Miracle Grow and make sure it has lots of water and even sing little songs to it. Guess what? I have one little tomato growing!! It must be the Michael Jackson songs running through my head, (for some reason lately), that the tomato plant loves, although all I can think of is “Beat it, Beat it”. It’s been played over and over these past few days on TV.

toasted t sand

I think I’ve had enough of Michael Jackson and the same news over and over. I think this is going to go on for a long time yet!! Enough already!!!

Today, Tom had his appointment with the Healthy Heart Clinic at St. Paul’s Hospital. What a fabulous program!! We had appointments with first a nurse that went over his last blood reports, then a dietician, that was very helpful, then a doctor, who went over his entire medical history, and finally a cardiologist. We discovered that Tom had a heart attack in the past, that has destroyed a part of the lower bottom of his heart. We we’re told, he’s a very lucky man to still be here, when his heart was in such bad shape.

Next step is into a exercise program, that I will take part with him in and, although Tom will be monitored through out it all. I’m on my own, but that’s okay, because it’s always more fun doing this together and urging one another on with support, and heaven knows….I sure need it!!

It’s a three month program, twice a week. This will take us to Sept, when the kids have returned to school and given us seniors back the pool.

So, I’m looking forward to better health for both of us!!

That’s it for tonight!!

The person from California that wrote me regarding my  blog and the trip on the Veendam to South America, please write back and I can give you more information and pictures, hints and tips, if you would like.

For some reason the comment section only comes into my email and not displayed on the blog.



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