Wednesday, July 1, 2009


P1050776 I must have taken 8 shots of our proud flag before getting a decent shot. The wind was blowing it around on me.

After ironing and cleaning up around here this morning,  (as yesterday was a potato couch day), Tom took me on one of his mystery tours and we ended up a a pizza place in Lynn Valley, where we had a delicious thin crust pizza, cooked in this big oven.


Canada Day celebration was in full swing, and we sat and watched the entertainment. Lot’s of balloons and this poor kid sitting on the dunk tank, and laughing as everyone missed the target to dunk him. However, I caught him, just as he was going DOWN!!! Just his hands up!

P1050744 P1050746 P1050747



We came home and Tom dropped me off at the end of our street, and I walked to the water, thinking there may be some Canada Day celebration going on, but nothing except a beach full of people. The last couple of nights, we hear the big rolling waves coming ashore, and they continued today.



Here comes a big wave


P1050767This sailboat went over and with the waves, they we’re having a difficult time getting it back to shore.


P1050760Some people finally came to their rescue and got the boat back to safety. 

P1050763 We are so lucky to live so close to all this beauty, and everyday, I soak in how nice it is here and feel so thankful.

P1050769 I would have loved to have sat in the sun as it soaked into my bones, but I never put any sunscreen on this morning and with my skin, it’s a must! So, I turned around to head home and the flowers here looked beautiful. All different coloured roses. Our building is directly between those two trees and above the station wagon car.



P1050771 P1050772 P1050773



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